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It’s been a few months now since we launched the Foodies100 index of UK food blogs and bloggers, and we’ve loved getting to know your blogs, and reading your gorgeous recipes – but we wanted to know more.

So last month, we asked 250 UK food blogs to tell us about themselves, their blogs, and what they love to blog about.

And the results are in. Our survey found that:

  • Foodies love to read other food blogs – 60% do so daily
  • Foodies100 blogs are read by more than 500,000 people each week
  • Foodies are social – 90% of our bloggers use Twitter, while 55% use Pinterest 
  • 90% of Foodies want to talk to brands, but most UK food blogs hear from brands just once a week
  • Blogs are a really trusted and important source of information about products we buy – 90% of Foodies say blogs influence their purchasing decisions 

So, you think you know the Foodies? You can also see our full What’s Cooking results over on Slideshare.

Foodies 100 UK Food and Drink Blogs Survey

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  1. Elaine, I am also one of the 17% that’s not female age 20-40. I guess I must be considered ancient! But then again that’s a whole lifetime of great experience to share! Very interesting statistics indeed. I, too, agree with looking outside London. The world does not begin nor end in London! OH, and I am a food blog reading addict!

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