Best of the Foodie Blogs: Ten at Ten (51)


What better way to start this week’s selection of posts than with some cake? This chilly weather makes me want to bake and this year I decided I am going to branch out and be more adventurous with my baking. So, I think I will start with this chocolate, cardamom and marmalade loaf from Chocolate Log Blog. I have a jar of marmalade in the back of the fridge that needs using up and this sounds like the perfect way. 

The lovely bright colours in the panzanella from Good Gobble really brightened my day. Who says you can’t eat salads in Winter?

Have you ever heard of Thimble Mill Pudding? I hadn’t before I read this post on Lola and Finn’s mum. I adore looking at old cookery books and this one looks like it has been well used. The finished puddings look pretty good too!

Personally, I’m not that keen on brioche, but my children are big fans. I love the look of this brioche on The English Can Cook and the photos of it making its way through London made me giggle. What a well travelled brioche!

Sticky chipotle bourbon chicken – need I say more? My mouth is watering just looking at this recipe from North West Nosh – it’s definitely one to add to my must make list.

It’s the perfect weather at the moment for good old winter warmers, and these dishes over on Nova Cooks look delicious. I love that this blog features food cooked by children at a school in Swindon – what a great way to share the cooking that goes on in schools.

Root vegetables always go down well in our house, especially when they are roasted. Throw in some sausages and you have the perfect supper in my book. Have a look at this sausage, swede and beetroot roast from George’s Dinner. Delicious!

Another warming favourite at this time of the year is soup, and what better than this fast fish soup from Good Food and Red Shoes? It looks simple to make but absolutely scrummy to eat.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, when it comes to wine and beer I’m a little bit clueless. But I was interested to read about a new beer flavour wheel over on Pencil and Spoon. Apparently you can also find similar wheels for chocolate, wine, coffee and whisky. You learn something new every day!

Finally this week, a fine example of a delicious meal that you can produce from things that you find lurking in the back of your fridge. Louise from Crumbs and Corkscrews whipped up this lovely smoked salmon spaghetti in no time at all.

That’s all for this week. See you same time, same place next week.

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