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This week, we’ll be introducing you to the team that will be running the Foodies100 website and index, and explaining some of our exciting plans for the coming months.

I’ll start by introducing myself – I’m Amy and I am delighted to be joining the Foodies100 team as the blog editor. Some of you may recognise me from my personal blog – Cooking, Cakes & Children, where I write about a whole host of topics, most of them involving food!

I have been blogging for almost 3 years and in the past year was lucky enough to win Best Food Blog in the MAD Blog Awards and had my first book, The Baking Pocket Bible, published.

I will be working with some brilliant writers to provide you with tips, ideas and content to help you make the very most of your blog. We’ll be promoting the fabulous blog posts produced by Foodies100 members, and regularly running competitions, giveaways and blog carnivals. I’ll also be running the Foodies100 Twitter account over at @foodies100, and (hopefully) answering any questions you might have about the site.

I am really looking forward to discovering new blogs through the index and hope to make the Foodies100 blog as informative and useful as I can to everyone who writes about food. If you love baking, cooking on a budget, eating out or writing recipes then this is the place for you. We will be bringing you useful blogging tips, information about working with brands and growing your audience, sharing recipes, featuring some of our favourite food bloggers and much more. And don’t forget, when you register your blog you can opt in to our PR messaging platform to receive information from brands we think you’ll be interested in.

I’d love for bloggers to get involved and share their interests and areas of expertise, so if there is something you’d like to see featured or you would like to write a guest post then please do get in touch. You can also find us over on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

I look forward to welcoming familiar faces, meeting new bloggers and working with you all in the future. Thanks!


Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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  1. Hi I have only been blogging for 10 months and only moved to food for around a month so food blogging is all very new to me,looking forward to being a part of Foodies 100 and learning how to grow my blog into a good food blog.Only thing is though I don’t make any money from my blog so like the tot 100 even though I get 13,000 views a month and 100’s of comments I won’t get my proper foodie 100 score because you have to pay to get onto these sites which I find a little unfair 🙁 so maybe I wont even make ot to the to 100 like the TOTS100 that unless I’m clicking all the wrong site LOL,claire 🙂

    • foodies100

      Hi Claire,

      Thanks for the lovely welcome. I am a little confused though!

      Nobody pays to be listed on the Tots100 or the Foodies100, and none of the sites we use to calculate scores are paid-for, either. A basic principle of the Tots100 and Foodies100 sites are that we only score blogs using public, freely available information.

      In terms of blogs making money, there is no difference in how we would score a blog that sells advertising versus a blog that didn’t sell advertising – our only restriction is that we do not score commercially owned and operated websites, only personal blogs.

      Both sites charge PR agencies and brands a subscription fee to access details of the blogs in our databases, but everything we do – from registering to attending our workshops, webinars and parties – is always 100% free for bloggers.

      You can register for free at the Tots100 here:

      You can register for free at the Foodies100 here:

      Hope that helps!

  2. Hi sorry if this came across as I was moaning,I did’nt mean to… it just as I tried to join Google links, MozRank, Inlinks, Google Reader subscriber numbers I can only find paying sites so as I don’t make any money from my site I can’t join them also I can’t register on a few sites on tots either,I did say maybe its just me…and it must be lol, I just can’t find site that you don’t pay on and I have spent lots of time trying to register with these site, I love tot100 and I didn;t mean you had to pay on their for this sorry, I was just meaning I can’t get onto Google links, MozRank, Inlinks, Google Reader subscriber numbers without paying…Really looking forward to being on here as much as Tots 100 🙂 the only reason I said I don’t make money is because I thought you had to pay for these site 🙂

    • foodies100

      It’s not complaining at all, I’m just trying to explain that you’re mistaken and I’m not sure why you think there’s a payment involved in anything.

      There is a video on the Tots100 site explaining how to access all of your Tots100 scores, but basically:

      Go to http://www.google.co.uk and type into the searchbox “link:” (remove the quotation marks) then your blog address. This will tell you the number of Google links.

      Go to opensiteexplorer.org and type in your blog address and you’ll get your MozRank and MozRank links score

      Go to technorati.com/blogs and type in your blog address and you will see your blog’s Authority score

      Go to google.com/reader and then “add blog” and type in your blog address. When you have opened your blog in reader go to “details” and “stats” and you will see your number of blog subscribers

      Go to http://www.klout.com and you can register for free and then you’ll be able to access your Klout score at http://www.klout.com/yourusername

      Absolutely all of these websites are 100% free, 100% open to the public and you don’t need to do anything for us to pull your score from them. You already have a score just because you have a blog.

      The one and only site you do need to register with is Technorati. This is free and just requires you to submit your blog details and then place a small amount of code on your site for Technorati to prove that you own the blog you are registering. Once you are registered you’ll be able to see your blog’s score any time at http://www.technorati.com/blogs/yourblogname

      I hope this helps, sorry if it wasn’t clear enough to begin with.

      Technorati calls this process “claiming” a blog and you can read how to do that here: http://technorati.com/blog-claiming-faq/

  3. Hi Amy! This blog is new to me, I’ve just discovered it via a Facebook link, but it looks like there could be a lot to keep me interested here.

    I don’t have a food blog as such but I do sometimes blog about foodie stuff, esp related to vegetarian travel & recently on vegan issues, so I’d be interested in contributing & getting more involved!

    Will head over to Twitter & follow you there…


    • foodies100

      Hi Andrea and welcome to the Foodies100 site! We’d love to have you involved, maybe you’d like to write a guest post for us?

      Look forward to chatting more.


    • foodies100

      Thanks Ren! Would love to have you involved with the blog, do get in touch if you’d like to write a guest post.

      Amy x

  4. Welcome and I am so excited about the new Foodies100 site and all of the camps that are coming up too!
    I was a freelance food writer for 2 years before the magazine I wrote for folded, so I took up blogging! Have only been blogging for 6 months and love it.
    I would LOVE to be involved with Foodies100 and would be delighted to write a guest post.

    • foodies100

      Thanks for the warm welcome Karen! We have some great things coming up and the BlogCamps are always popular.
      It’s great that you’d like to write a guest post for us – I’ll be in touch shortly.


  5. Hi Amy,
    Congratulations on your post! I registered with Foodies100 the other day, and I think we already follow each other on Twitter! I started food blogging a while ago but have only taken it up seriously in the last 6 months. I’m really excited about Foodies100 – it’s always useful to have sites like these that helps us hone our craft. I’d welcome an opportunity to get involved!
    Best of luck, and I look forward to being educated and informed in the future! 🙂

    • foodies100

      Thanks for the welcome, Jenny! I’m really glad you are looking forward to following the site and that you’d like to get involved – maybe you’d like to guest post for us?


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