Best of the Foodie Blogs: Ten at Ten (2)


This week I am delighted to welcome Karen from Lavender and Lovage, who has gathered together her favourite ten posts from the past week. So sit back and enjoy!

When Amy asked me if I would like to compile the weekly roundup for Best of the Foodie Blogs ~ Ten at Ten, I was thrilled to accept; I am a relatively new food blogger and I love the idea of highlighting other blogs, especially ones that I don’t often see.  So with this in mind, I decided to look at the blogs in the lower part of the 100 index…..and what a veritable treasure trove I discovered! It is with great pleasure and a well-deserved drum roll; I bring you the Best of the Foodie Blogs ~ Ten at Ten for this week.

First to catch my eye was a Baked Camembert over at Kitchen Delights. This little gem of a recipe suggests you cook your Camembert in a special ceramic baker and then serve it with some caramelised onion chutney……I rest my case!

I am a curry addict and next on my visit was a wonderful blog that I have never seen before, Cook in a Curry, and if you love curry, this is the place to go for your spicy recipes.  I was intrigued to discover a recipe you seldom see, Gujarati Khaman Dhokla – Savoury cake with curry leaves.  This is real Indian street food, and I would happily wander through a street in order to try this delicious vegetarian recipe.

Over at Haddock in the Kitchen I discovered a fellow foodie Brit Abroad! I also share my time in France as well as the UK and if you want to read why the Haddock moved to France, their latest post will spill the beans.

Back into “discover a fabulous recipe” mode, I DID indeed discover a wonderful sauce recipe to serve with roast poultry and goose; over at Housewife Confidential, there is a vibrant and ruby red sauce just waiting to be made ~ Kat has posted a Cranberry and Rhubarb sauce just in time for the forced rhubarb season.

We are already at number five, and enter a member of The Secret Supper Cub over at Bake Lady. A Stem Ginger cake has been made for a special Diva Margaret Thatcher Afternoon Tea…..with an invite by Kerstin Rodgers to bake a few cakes for her special event.

I then discovered a beautiful blog, full of wonderful photography and exquisite bakes and cakes….Let Her Bake Cake is a really exciting find for me and I love the latest post  Not hippie and not healthy: my favourite granola and I shall be a regular visitor from now on.

Who can resist a blog with the name Spittoon…a blog dedicated to wine, food, travel and a little photography thrown in…..and the latest post Why You Will Be Drinking Tonight highlights a fascinating formula dubbed Blue Monday, pop over there and see if you fit the profile for a Blue Monday drinker!

Another new and interesting site that I visited was Eat Weeds, a blog dedicated to foraging for wild food and edible plants in Great Britain. The latest post was for an unusual and tasty looking Alexanders Chutney, made from Alexander stems……not an ingredient you will find in most supermarkets!

Back on the Bake Trail again, my next treat was a visit to Amelie’s House, which is a Makey-Bakey-Cakey Place! Her latest cakey offering are some simply stunning Sherlock Cookies……you really need to see these amazing decorative creations.

Finally, feeling blue?  Want a cheery colour to cheer you up? Then look no further than a deliciously Pink blog,  Made with Pink….because everything tastes better when made with pink! And the latest pink offering is Birthday Cake Batter Ice Cream.  A frivolous concoction of cake, buttercream and ice cream of course!

I hope you have enjoyed my round up this week, and like me, you may have discovered some new and exciting blogs… pop by some of them and say hello.

Many thanks to Karen for a fabulous round up – I can’t wait to read them all. If you fancy guest editing and telling us all about your favourite foodies blog posts one week, then do get in touch or leave a comment below.

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    • foodies100

      Hi Kavey, I’m so pleased you’d like to do a round up post for us. We don’t just choose blogs from the top 100 – I’ll drop you a line to give you some more details.


  1. Thanks Amy for the chance to write this and at the same time discover some new blogs and friends! I am happy to do this any time you have a slot for me to write up the best of ten foodie blogs again…..LOVED doing it!
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  2. Thank you for the mention Karen – the Baked Camembert with Caramelised Onion Chutney was an unusual combination but somehow works! I too have enjoyed discovering new blogs from your excellent writeup.

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