Foodies100 Twitterati – January


Twitter – the home of funny hashtags, people sharing too much information and endless time-wasting – I love it! I started tweeting many, many years ago and it is interesting to see how it has changed over the years.

Each month the Foodies100 will be bringing you some of our favourite tweets from the UK food blogging community. It never fails to amaze me how tweets can make you sympathise, shout at the screen, cringe and spit your coffee out – sometimes all at once!

So here are our favourite tweets from January. Don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter too – go on, you know you want to….


Just poured most of my glass of water down my front. There’s nothing else for it. I need a sippy cup.


My mixer is staring at me. I clearly need to bake something.


Just opened the wine and had a swig from the bottle (behind the fridge so kids couldn’t see)……just to test if it was OK. It was.


Saturday nights have now descended into the girls on FaceTime watching their cousin trying to eat 3 crackers in a minute #livingthedream


TOTAL OUTRAGE. the cat is eating my walnut loaf! can’t imagine its doing her much good…..


My post-xmas diet is not going so well, had an egg for breakfast but it was a Cadbury’s creme egg . Oops


Just been dunking biscuit in tea and to interested in twitter to notice it dropped off. Have to go biscuit fishing now!


Husband has announced we are out for curry tonight – yes folks that’s me spoilt for the month ;p


QR codes. Pretty much the minidisc of marketing tools.


Just had a total Hobnob emergency/craving had to run over over the shops for a fix #hobbedmyknob


When testing and developing a recipe remember to put the kitchen timer on when you put the stuff in the oven. Doh.


I am a sticky orange/yellow mess. My hands look like I’ve tried to apply an Essex tan


I have somehow managed to cut my finger by HOOVERING! How did this happen?! Ruining my packet of crisps moment now 🙁 #moan


My udon noodles look like miniature octopus tentacles…


Oom oom. This yoga is just a load of backwards moo!


Calamity Kate is my name tonight- red wine down white top, ipod in washing machine, bread exploded in oven. Is that the sound of violins?!


Fridge is wonderfully fragrant with dill, spices and salmon. Bit worried I might be fragrant too – eau de gravadlax seems to be everywhere


I forgot to drink my wine #somethingmustbewrong


Spicy noodle soup 4 lunch. Used whole Thai chilli. Shld have used small portion & not rubbed eye after chopping it. #youliveandlearn #ouch


Got a special birthday #glutenfree birthday cake from my class at school today!!! Mint Aero and Haribo : D

Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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