Best of the Foodie Blogs: Ten at Ten (6)


It seems love is in the air this week on many of the UK food blogs, with hearts and chocolate and delicious Valentine’s recipes a plenty! As we’ve already written a round up of great Valentine’s chocolate recipes, I won’t flood you with lots more, but this week’s Ten at Ten does come with a large helping of love.

First up I stumbled across a cake that left me wide eyed and drooling at the screen. If I was presented with this red velvet ‘cry me a chocolate river cake’ then I would be seriously impressed. The multi-layered cake from A little bit of heaven on a plate is beautifully decorated and I’m sure it tasted just as divine as it looks.

They say home is where the heart is and I love to discover recipes that remind bloggers of their roots. It can be a struggle to find foods that you love when you move to another country, especially when Mom’s recipes are best. These beef mince burritos from A bit of this & a bit of that look really delicious.

It’s no secret that I’m a complete chocoholic so I was really interested to read about the Valrhona Chocolate Masterclass that Niamh from Eat Like a Girl was invited to. It looks like an amazing experience and the recipe she shared for Chocolate and Salt Caramel Tarts looks absolutely wonderful.

Staying with the chocolate theme, this recipe for Mississippi Mud Brownies over on Aga Girls stopped me in my tracks. Chocolate, marshmallows, peanut butter, pecans – need I say more?

Those of you who have children are most likely in the middle of half term and are facing the constant cry of, “I’m hungry, what can I eat?” Well I’d like to spend my half term round at Dad’s Cooking Tonight because he is certainly well prepared and has baked up a feast of goodies for his tribe.

If you make it through half term in one piece then you may want to celebrate with a glass of champagne (if only!). I have to confess that I am clueless when it comes to wine, so I loved reading all about the Cave aux Coquillages over on The Wine Sleuth.

I discovered a new and interesting way of serving bacon and eggs on Cornflower Kitchen. The photos are mouth-watering, the bacon is crispy and the eggs sit in their own little nests. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.

This cold winter weather calls for some hearty and warming recipes and what better than this Hunters Pie from Freestyle Cookery? It was so delicious that he nearly forgot to photograph it!

The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow – and soup! Haggis soup is not something I’ve heard of before but who am I to argue with Dan from Soup Tuesday when he urges us to embrace the offal?! Go on then, I’ll give it a go…

Why is it always that we travel to far flung places but often miss what little gems are right there on our doorstep? Alwynne from Gwilty Pleasures recently discovered Namaaste Kitchen when she was invited there for dinner and was pleasantly surprised with what she found.

That’s all for the Ten at Ten this week. We’ll be back, same time, same place next week with more of our favourite posts from the UK blogging community.

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