Best of the Foodie Blogs: Ten at Ten (7)


This week the fabulous Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog has been reading her way around the UK food blogging community and has put together her favourite ten posts for us. So grab yourself a coffee (and maybe a sneaky piece of cake) and enjoy this week’s round up…

It’s always a joy to spend time browsing other food blogs, for interest, inspiration and just for the sheer fun of it.  Time being a bit of an issue for me, it was really good to have this excuse to wander at will, revisit blogs I haven’t seen for a while and discover new ones. These are some of the posts that have caught my eye this week. I’ve tried not to have too much of a chocolate bias – honest!

There are many great baking blogs that I frequent and one of my favourites is Cake Crumbs & Cooking, err possibly because chocolate features quite strongly! Here you will find all sorts of fuss free delicious treats in the cake, bread and biscuit department, all delivered in a no nonsense fashion.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that vegan cakes can be really delicious, but these super fudgy brownies are apparently the best C has ever made.

For gluten free baking, it’s hard to beat Apple & Spice where Katie, no longer able to tolerate gluten, has had to learn to bake in a different way. She knows a thing or two about tickling those taste buds, as demonstrated by these roasted apple and custard pots.

Who wouldn’t love a bundt in the oven? A long delayed visit to This Yorkshire Life reminded me why I like this blog so much. Simple and fun, it’s a taste of the good life.  As well as a delicious looking apple cake, a retro cabinet is featured taking me right back to my grandmother’s kitchen in days of yore.

Despite my best efforts, it was very hard to get away from baking. FoodyCat comes up with wondrous dishes on a regular basis and is a fan of making her own cheese amongst many other things. Being a vegetarian, I particularly like her Meat Free Monday posts. However, despite her savoury bias, this week she made a Chocolate Butterscotch Cake, which just couldn’t be ignored.

I so enjoyed reading Elegant Dollops and Cupcake Couture by Amateur Food Ramblings. This well written piece on the rise and rise of cake and the catwalk cupcakes had me smiling and nodding in agreement. Another new blog for me, but I will be back.

The wonders of blog surfing are twofold, you get to find great blogs and you get to find great recipes. Green Dragonette falls into both these categories. Usually blogging about the food she grows and cooks in her wet Welsh home, her latest post recalls a Caribbean trip, including a visit to some old salt works formerly run by slaves. She goes on to stress the importance of using good salt. Scroll down some more and you will get a recipe for this most delicious of Malaysian dishes – Comforting and Creamy Coconut Vegetarian Laksa Lemak.

Cooking up a storm in a teacup is a recent discovery and it’s full of really interesting recipes using ingredients I love. Her latest was for a simple, but delicious looking, post cinema pasta dish – leek and broccoli pasta

I stumbled across Aggie Redpath’s Cookery Blog, it’s great. The concept is that the blog is made up of a series of e-mail exchanges between cook Aggie and her not so competent friend Sarah. This week was all about how to make marmalade.

Another new find was Eat the Right Stuff , the title of which immediately caught my attention. The stunning colour of this blood orange and rosemary jelly as well as its unusual flavouring then held my attention.

Poires au Chocolat, as the name suggests, features a number of chocolate posts and is a site I visit regularly. The chocolate creations found here are a lot more sophisticated than those on my own blog, Emma is a pattisiere in training after all. Sadly, there is no mention of chocolate in the latest one, but if you fancy a bit of drama in your cooking or want something a little different for pancake day, these crepes suzette could be your answer.

That’s all for this week. If you fancy writing a round up for the Ten at Ten one week then do get in touch by leaving a comment or email me on

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  1. Hi Choclette,
    Thank you so much for the shout out. As a very new blogger it is so exciting to get talked about so a big thank you!! Really like this site as I think it will be most useful so I’m trying to register now to join in…

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