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Hosting and taking part in regular blog events is a great way of joining in with the UK food blogging community. There are a wealth of food related blog hops, cooking challenges and linky posts out there, but it can be tricky for newer food bloggers to know where to start.

In general, most challenges will follow a set pattern, usually taking place monthly or weekly. Although details will vary, the host is likely to set up rules for you to follow, create a badge for you to use in your blog post and ask you to link back to them. They will give you a set amount of time to complete the challenge and will either add a linky to their post for you to come and add your link to or will ask for entries to be emailed so they can write a round up post afterwards.

How you decide to run your blog event will determine how much time you’ll need to put into it. If you are going to ask for posts to be emailed to you then you will have to collate them all and put them together into a blog post. If you add a linky to your blog post, then other bloggers can add their links, meaning you need to spend less time pulling everything together.

Joining in with a cooking challenge is a great way of getting new inspiration and discovering new blogs. It’s a really good idea to visit the other blogs who take part, as well as the host, and leave them a comment. Many food bloggers say they have made some great friends and discovered many wonderful blogs through taking part in blog events.

As much as bloggers don’t like to discuss traffic, it is also a good way of getting your blog noticed and getting some backlinks along the way too.

Since the Foodies100 index started a few months ago, I have discovered more and more blog events and I am convinced that no matter what you like to blog about, there is a challenge out there that will spark your interest. And if you can’t find something, then why not start one yourself?

Here is a small selection of the regular foodies blog events that I have come across so far. If you run one on your blog then do leave a comment here so everyone can find you and join in.

Karen at Lavender and Lovage runs three blog events. In her weekly Slow Sunday blog hop, Karen invites you to share anything that you have cooked, baked or made for a Sunday. On a Saturday you can join in with Herbs on Saturday and each month, along with Kate, you are invited to share your favourite Tea Time Treats.

Sarah from Maison Cupcake runs a very popular monthly challenge called Forever Nigella. Each month she asks bloggers to choose a Nigella recipe, make it and blog about it.

Kavey has just started a new monthly challenge on her blog, Kavey Eats, and it’s definitely one I’ve got my eye on! Bloggers Scream for Ice Cream, as you may have guessed from the title, is all about ice cream. Kavey plans on setting an ice cream related challenge every month for you.

Helen from Fuss Free Flavours hosts two challenges. Breakfast Club aims to get you making more than just tea and toast for breakfast with a different theme and host each month. If you like saving money then Frugal Friday could be just the food challenge for you.

There are also two great blog events for you over at Tinned Tomatoes.  If, like me, you are forever cutting out recipes from magazines, finding recipes from cookbooks that you never get round to making and bookmarking numerous recipes online then Bookmarked Recipes could be the perfect monthly challenge for you. Along with Lisa, Jac also hosts a monthly vegetarian soup and salad challenge called No Croutons Required.

Three bloggers have joined forces to bring you the monthly AlphaBakes challenge – a fun event where the aim is to bake using an ingredient that starts with the random alphabet letter chosen for that month.

If you fancy hosting an event but don’t want to run a regular one of your own every month, then you can always contact a blogger who runs a challenge and ask if you can host. I know several of the bloggers I have written about in this post look for other hosts for their events.

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  1. Thank you so much, I’ve had a great response already to the first month of bloggers scream for ice cream and am so excited, with themes already in the pipeline for the next several months!

  2. I will be checking out those mentioned…..I have been running ‘Cooking With Your Toddler’ for just over a year & have a linky where anyone can add their own posts – it doesn’t have to be just cooking with a toddler, older kids too… no themes or rules, just shared recipes.

  3. Great round up of food blog challenges and I have enjoyed joining in with some of these and hope to enter more.

    I am trying to reduce the food waste in our household and so have set a monthly challenge called ‘no waste food challenge’.

    Each month will feature a common ingredient that is often leftover and everyone is invited to enter a recipe that uses up that food type. So far we have had cream and spotty bananas.

  4. Great compilation of food blog events and challenges. I would like to introduce the on going event on my blog – Gimme GREEN! It is my first event and calls for any recipe that uses a GREEN fruit or vegetable as the main ingredient. Do stop by and contribute 🙂 Happy Cooking and Blogging!!

    Chef Al dente On going event: Gimme GREEN!

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