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Do you love food and travel? Then this is definitely the magazine for you! The two so often go hand in hand and I know that many of you like to blog about them both. 

Food & Travel Magazine have just launched their reader awards and they’d love you to pop across and vote for your favourites. The categories include best restaurant, hotel, bar, book, destination plus many, many more. You have until the 4th May to vote for your favourites. Your votes will form the basis of a shortlist, which will be published in the July edition of Food & Travel Magazine.

To help celebrate the launch of the awards, we have a 1 year subscription to give away to one lucky Foodies100 reader. All you need to do to enter is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below. You must leave a comment by Thursday 3rd May 2012 to be entered into the draw.

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1. The prize is a 1 year subscription to Food & Travel Magazine.

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3. The giveaway is open to UK residents over the age of 18.

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  1. My favourite dish at the moment is my beef burgers stuffed with stir-fried mushrooms. It tasted like they’ve been flame-grilled. Hmm must make them again soon!

  2. Jianbing – It’s a pancake-style wrap (stuffed with soy sauce, chilli and wafer) served on the streets in Beijing – I honestly believe I could eat one every day for the rest of my life – never found them anywhere else!

  3. Jambalaya is my favourite dish to eat and to cook, I love the spices, I have a jar made up of it always to hand when I want to have comfort food..
    Its a Louisiana Creole dish of Spanish and French influence

  4. Mmm difficult as I have so many favourites, I have to say though my all time favourite is Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder with Mint & Caper sauce….sooooo tasty and a such a yummy English roast!

  5. my favourite would be a simple spaghetti with chilli & garlic….from Italy (although I’ve had it many times in Spain too!)

  6. Elizabeth Smith

    My current favourite is Moussaka from Greece, although I have to admit that every time I cook it the recipe changes a little!

  7. My favourite dish is Coq au Vin and it’s from France! This brings up great memories from my childhood 🙂

  8. Maybe a boring choice, but I simply love Fajita’s from Mexico! They don’t have to be really spicy- they have so much flavour and are so easy to make!!


    Lancashire hotpot actually – cheap tasty nutririous – reminds me of my childhood too as we had it at least once a week

  10. Its a tough question because I love food in almost all its forms, but I think my favourite of all dishes is Southern US BBQ mixed plate, involving smoked brisket, pulled pork, vinegar slaw, dry rub ribs, marinated beef ribs ( omg!) sweet potato fries, onion rings and barbecued corn. Heading back to Tennessee in the summer to try out more pits and cannot wait!

  11. I’m off to tuscany in a week or so, a foodie’s dream destination I think. But my favourite dish is one that I used to have in the French Alps as a kid – freshly baked brioche plait with cherry preserve in the centre. Apparently a speciality of the region (near Chambery).

  12. Arabella Bazley

    I got a real taste for kimchi whilst in Korea but I have not tried making it myself yet… Great for nibbling away at before the main meal arrives!

  13. My favourite dish is the national dish of Palestine – msukan. It’s chicken with lots of onions and sumac served on a special bread and eaten with your fingers mmmmmm

  14. I love Moroccan food for the lovely mix of sweet and savoury, so my fave dish has got to be Lamb Tagine!

  15. My Favorite dish at the moment to cook and eat is from Ina gartens cook book Barefoot Contessa Family Style.
    Parmasan chicken i always serve it with a crisp green salad

  16. My favourite dish is ‘Umm Ali’ – it’s a traditional Arabic dessert, a kind of creamy bread pudding with raisins, almonds and pistachios. Really naughty, and really tasty!
    I always justify seconds on the basis that nuts and raisins are good for me – ignoring the fact that alrge quantities of condensed milk aren’t!
    Umm Ali literally means “Ali’s Mother” … whomever Ali was, his mother left one delicious legacy!

  17. Anything ‘umami’, in that respect be it Japanese cuisine or any other dishes that take my taste buds to another level!

  18. Kedgeree – smoked haddock – yummy – + eggs, rice and parsley, plus lashings of butter. Everyone loves it in my house. Is an Anglo-Indian dish

  19. I’m a big fish and shellfish fan so it’s paella for me from Spain, with lots of Spanish chorizo sausage in as well!

  20. I really love stuffed aubergine, known as imam bayildi – which I used to get from a restaurant down the road, but now it’s closed so I’ll need to book tickets to Turkey to get my fix!

  21. Spaghetti Bolognaise of course!! So many different ways of making it, and always conforting to eat…..

  22. chicken, chorizo and potatos in one tray and sprinkled with orange zest, red onion and oregano. From Spain

  23. Margaret Norton

    Ooh thats a toughie! I think my ultimate has to be Italian Lasagne but there are so many yummy dishes out there its hard to choose just one.

  24. Jill Marshall

    Beef Wellington which I thought was British but have also heard it was invented in New Zealand.

    The recipe in Delia’s Christmas book is my current favourire.

  25. My favourite simple dish is aubergine, feta, garlic, parsley and olive oil which I copied from Simon Hopkinson’s tv programme

  26. susan willshee

    My favourite dish is butternut squash lasagna, but as I’m coeliac the lasagna sheets have to be gluten free – so this comes from my kitchen….but I suppose initially it was Italian 😉

  27. Ive just eaten it – lasagne from italy , I treat myself to it once a week , my ex is italian so he showed me how to make it the italian way which is quite different to the “english” lasagne

  28. I love anything Italian, Lasagne, Bolanise, Pizza, Garlic bread. Have a couple of Italian dishes each week.

  29. my favourite food is chinese, king prawn extra hot is my fav would love to learn how to make some really tasty spicey dishes

  30. Natalie Henderson

    I love Jamaican Pepperpot from… Jamaica!! 🙂

    In fact, I am making it right now!

  31. I love mediterranean style veggie kebabs with toasted pita bread, side salad of cucumber, tomato and kalamata olives served with tahini and lemon dressing enjoyed with my favourite people.

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