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Well, we’re certainly experiencing the full force of the April showers here! Although, I’m secretly quite pleased for the wet weather – the garden loves it and I have a good excuse to stay in, bake and read blogs. As always, I have had such a tough job just narrowing it down to 10 posts – you lot are such a talented and interesting bunch. But, here are 10 great foodie blog posts that caught my eye this week…

First up I have a blog post that made me both smile and weep. Helen, from Casa Costello, had a very special cake to make this week for a very special little girl and her family. Take a look at how gorgeous the cake was and why it is so special – and make sure you have a tissue handy.

Charlotte from Charlotte’s Kitchen Diary wrote about something I’ve been meaning to explore for a while now – which is better, the pretty Kitchen Aid or the trusty Kenwood Chef? Charlotte put them both through their paces by making identical granary loaves. I know which gets my vote, but which would you choose?

Anyone heard of spoom before? I certainly hadn’t so I was very interested to read about it on Kavey Eats. Her recipe for lemon spoom looks delicious and is definitely something I’m going to try. If you like the sound of it, why not try one of your own and enter Kavey’s Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream challenge this month?

The next recipe I found had my tummy rumbling instantly. This smokey bbq shin of beef from plums and custard looks absolutely divine and perfect for April days when the weather can’t seem to make its mind up.

I’m all for experimenting in the kitchen and trying out different flavour combinations, so I just couldn’t help but be drawn to Fleur’s chocolate olive oil cupcakes with goats cheese frosting. It’s certainly not a combination I would have thought of trying, but it’s certainly one I’d like to try out. And her photos of them are just so pretty too!

Try as I might, I’m just not cut out for gardening. I do so love the thought of producing all our own fruit and veg, but it just never seems to happen. I love to read about other people’s gardens though and discovered what edibles are around in The Cottage Smallholder’s garden this month. It all sounds wonderful!

I absolutely love almonds and any recipe that contains them get a big thumbs up from me. This Santiago Tart from feast to the world is going to be added to my ‘must try’ list very near the top. I can see why it went down very well in the charity bake sale – I’d have bought the whole thing!

Anyone for a fight? In the red corner we have mezze and in the blue corner we have tapas. But what’s the difference and which is better? The Lazy Gastronome is on hand to explain all in this blog post and has some delicious-sounding suggestions to finish off. Yum!

Ever wondered about rapeseed oil? I haven’t used it much myself but I was really interested to read this interview with Charlie Beldam on peach trees and bumblebees. At just 25, Charlie has built up a successful business and has a product he is passionate about.

Last but not least, I like to finish with a recipe that is truly drool-worthy. This week I sat and stared longingly at these wild blueberry baked doughnut muffins from Roswensian. They look seriously good (but probably not so good for the diet?).

That’s all for this week. We’ve got some great guest bloggers lined up over the next few weeks, so if you fancy putting together a Ten at Ten round up for us, do get in touch.

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  1. Thank you from me too!
    So far, no one had heard of spoom either! It’s fun to introduce a new thing to fellow food friends, and it’s even better when it turned out to be so lovely!

  2. Helen at Casa Costello

    Thank you so much for your kind words about the cake & including the post here. So good to catch up with all the other blogs… Am off now to research spoom!

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