Best of the Foodie Blogs: Ten at Ten (16)


This week the Ten at Ten round up is brought to you by the lovely Gem from Cupcake Crazy Gem. She has scoured blogs from every corner of the UK food blogging community and here are her top ten reads from the past week…

I’ve got a confession to make – although I have been a UK food blogger for the past 3 years, I have really only started following UK food blogs regularly in the past year or so.  Before then pretty much all the food blogs I followed were from The States.  For me, the flavours they bake with and their creativity was just streets ahead of anything that was coming out of the UK (for my liking and tastebuds).  However, I’m happy to report that recently I have been really impressed with the increasing amount of UK food bloggers with recipes I actually enjoy reading and trying!

It is safe to say one of my all time favourite ingredients is coconut so when I saw this Chocolate and Coconut Layer Cake from Mainly Baking I was drawn in.

So of course when I stumbled upon these Homemade Samoa Girl Scout Cookies from An American Cupcake in London I knew I was on to a winner! Coconut, Caramel and Chocolate all come together on a buttery cookie – what’s not to love!

One quintessentially English dish that I do have a lot of time for is the Banoffee Pie! So I thought these Banoffee Pie Cupcakes from Blissfully Scrumptious were a great idea! She baked these up as an ‘April Fool’ because although they look like cupcakes, deep down they are really pies – what a tasty combination!

My other great love aside from cupcakes is Mexican food! So I have been an avid follower of A Mexican Cook in Ireland for a while now.  This Agua de Pina (that’s pineapple water to you and me) just screams summer BBQ and sounds delightfully refreshing.

For any coeliacs out there, this Cinnamon Swirl Buttermilk Pound Cake has been adapted by Apple and Spice to be gluten free! She made it in a beautiful bundt cake pan which makes it even more fun!

Cake pops and truffles have been circulating the blogging rounds for a while now so I love to see different things done with them! Cue these star shaped Cake Truffles that were even sprayed gold by The More Than Occasional Baker! She also hand piped a birthday message on each individual truffle!

I am such a fan of all things exotic, so I have been a fan of Hummingbird Cake for a long time. Miss Cakeaholic even stayed up ’til 1am just to finish frosting it off…now that’s dedication.

From one cinnamon bake to another, these Chocolate Cinnabuns from Domestic Goddesque caught my eye because with the addition of chocolate they are an interesting variation on regular cinnabuns.

If you are looking for a show-stopping cake for that special someone then look no further than this Three Tier Multi-Colour Macaroon Cake from Laura Loves Cakes. We all know macaroons can be a bit problematic in the kitchen but Laura executed hers beautifully.

As I mentioned earlier, I am in love with all things Mexican so when I discovered this Chocolate & Churros from Mowielicious I literally wanted to bake them immediately! Not only because they sounded so delicious, but the visual appeal was immense, which is not surprising considering he is a professional food photographer!

That’s all for this week. See you same time, same place next week for another delicious round up!

Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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  1. did you have a bit of a sweet tooth going on when you did this roundup…there’s a lot of cake in there! I’ve never heard of Hummingbird cake before but I definitely want to try it now!
    Great roundup

    • Haha I didn’t mean for it to just be sweet things but I didn’t come across any savoury blog posts appetising enough to make it into my top 10! You definitely do need to experience how good Hummingbird cake is for yourself!

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