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Rain, rain, rain – there’s been a lot of tweeting about the horrible weather recently. Isn’t twitter just brilliant for small talk? We can all express our annoyance about this dreadful weather and form a united front against it!

But what else have food bloggers been chatting about this month? As usual, the wonderful mix of recipes, hilarious stories and the downright odd! Here is a selection of our favourite tweets from April – we love following these guys, so you should go follow them right now…


Everyone should do one heroic act per day. Today mine was to get out a raisin my toddler stuck up her nose.


The fact it’s not raining means I could go for my run tonight. The fact I had wine after work means I probably won’t.


I’m drinking pink Shloer and pretending it’s wine. I’m not good at lying to myself.


Tomorrow morning, I will go running for the first time for exercise rather than for a bus or being chased by angry bees


Husband almost gave me heart attack today when he changed our bathroom scale settings from kilograms to pounds!


Things I’m slowly learning: if you’re a food blogger, detox isn’t just difficult. It’s an impossibility!


Need to do: bookkeeping. Want to do: blogging.


I flicked through a book whilst away this weekend by Bunty Cutler. Could help wanting to swap the first letters of her name over. #jokes


Please note that the proximity of new wooden spoon and vaseline is not indication of some kinky passtime chez nous!


MIL just described bad traffic she saw on the news as “dreadlocked” lol!


The pheasant is back, strutting around like he owns the place! What’s that all about? Are they after the grain or some hot chicken action?


It’s Good Friday and what do I feel the urge to do? Spring cleaning *need professional help STAT*


The problem with Bank Holidays is they just never last long enough!


Ham, cheese, pickle & cheese & onion crisp sandwich for lunch.Best part is pressing down on the bread & “popping” the crisps. I’m a big kid!


Someone has just found my blog by searching for ‘how do I make Vimto butter icing?’ I don’t know, BUT I MUST FIND OUT.


Just booked restyle, colour and half head of highlights for Friday. Will spend next two days worrying about looking like a humbug.


I’m in a seriously irrational bad mood. Confirmed. Why? Because someone dared to use MY MUG.


In case you wondered, research shows that crumpets with peanut butter and honey are delicious


Oi, geniuses, I just bought some quinoa. Now what the fuck am I supposed to do?


I just cried at Britain’s Got Talent. This is what my life has come to.

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