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Finally, the lovely weather is here – let’s hope it hangs around! Perhaps now’s the time to swap from warming comfort food to some lighter bites. This week we have another fabulous round up, brought to you by Sue from A little bit of heaven on a plate…

Sue writes:

Foodies 100 has over 1,000 blogs on its database and mostly you get to hear about the top 100 blogs…my Top 10 this week is not about those blogs…

This week I’m focusing on something a little bit different…and maybe a bit controversial…I’m giving a shout out for the little guys, the newbies, the reception class, the bloggers who might have not been blogging for long, or may not have lots of followers or get all the big giveaways or get the invites to the restaurant openings or the flashy PR events…but are doing their bit for a love of good food, cooking and writing about it.

In my opinion, these are the food blogs to start to follow, the ones to watch, the ones with new ideas, recipes, opinions and views and a burning desire to get up the ratings ladder…and these are some of the blogs who we may see right at the top, one day very soon…

First of all I’m mentioning Graeme from ‘A Scots Larder – a food blog’, as the name implies he is blogging from north of the border (Glasgow). Graeme writes about local food, he reviews drinks, things he has eaten, meals he makes and his photographs of places he goes to are really inviting. I just enjoy what he does and how he puts it across and illustrates his posts.
‘Blue Kitchen Bakes’ is a lovely blog with imaginative recipes and is a very new blog that just started in February this year. The pictures have very much a homemade appeal to them, If you don’t believe me just check out the beetroot and cumin scones, (the amazing colour of these is fantastic) and the homemade lemon marmalade looks heavenly.

‘Baking Elements’ is my next choice its about food and ingredients but not baking cakes solely (although the cakes are very good), the author Sadia has a busy professional life and manages to write a food blog too. The latest recipe for Baked Falafel on this blog looks very tempting and this would certainly make a lovely lunchtime change from a sandwich or salad.

‘The Glamorous Glutton’ has some amazing photography not just of food and recipes made by the blogs author, but also of the author’s exploits in and around London.  It has a really fresh feel to it and replicates the type of things that I like. The Portuguese custard tarts are now on my ‘to bake’ list, I have wanted to try those for a while (and hopefully they will fare better than this weeks macaron disaster).

‘Well Worm Whisk’ is another very new blog, it was stated in April 2012 by Rachel, so in its infancy. This blog covers a mix of baking and other recipes but its strength for me is its appeal of good wholesome cooked meals. It’s the type of  food you want to come home from work to, and you would relish every mouthful. Pop over and take a look at the recipes and you will see what I mean – these maple syrup and oat breakfast muffins look yummy!

‘The Cake Hunter’ is really Sophie who lives in Stoke, this blog is not just about cakes, take one look at the gentleman’s steak sandwich she posted recently and you’ll see what I mean. This is a blog simply laid out but the photographs say it all as they have such clarity. This blogger knows how to compose and amazing photograph of food, nice work Sophie.

Another blogger that knows how to compose a really good picture to illustrate a recipe is ‘Cake Boule’. She has a really good imagination I think and comes up with some amazing recipes, her photography is simply stunning, she sets a standard that I would aspire to. Her latest post is a Mojito inspired polenta cake (gluten free). You won’t want to miss the recipes and photography on this blog.

‘Totally Caked Out’ is not a new blog, its written by Sophie (a tea fanatic like myself) who bakes some wonderful creations in her kitchen, her recent post is how to make a strawberry roulade and with the weather we are having, its on my list to bake soon.

This blogger makes gorgeous cakes and has great skills in decorating them too. She has an eye for colour and loves her garden. I like to watch her progress, admire her recipe creations,  and dream my garden looked so good. The blog is called ‘Garden, Teacakes and me’.

My final mention goes to ‘Dolly Bakes’ this girl has grasped the blogging bug really quickly, she blogs about the cakes she makes (she’s Bundt cake obsessed) the food she tries in restaurants, the cake club she runs and a few fund raising baking inspired projects are thrown in there to. Its a good read and there is always something new at Dolly Bakes.

Well I’m off to put the kettle on and have a slice of cake while I pop over and say hi and well done and keep on blogging to the people I have highlighted above. I love what they are doing and wish them much blogging success in the future…please pass by these blogs, take a look and leave a comment or join as a follower, they’ll really appreciate the support.

Thanks to Foodies 100 for letting me write this, I have really enjoyed my review of these blogs (I feel like I’m giving out Oscars :-))

Thanks to Sue for a great round up and if anyone fancies putting together their own Ten at Ten, do get in touch.

Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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  1. Thanks Sue for the mention, If you feel like you are giving out Oscars I feel like I have received one!

    I already follow some of the other blogs you have mentioned but one or two of them I don’t know so will be off to visit them.

    Lovely round up of us little guys 😉


  2. Wow, I’m really chuffed to bits to be included on this list of great blogs. It’s lovely to get some recognition and inspires me to keep going, even though I am but a minnow!! : )

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