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Are you super excited about Jubilee parties and the fast-approaching Olympics? Or are you fed up with all the hype already? Well, there were tweets galore about these two subjects in May (and will probably be for a while yet…) and twitter is a great place to voice your opinions.

We’ve highlighted some of our favourite tweets and tweeters from the past month – the ones that make us giggle, flinch or actually snort out loud. These tweeps are definitely worth a follow…


Back in London and I see news of my triumphant return has proceeded me. Bunting and flags everywhere in my honour. Too kind.


What’s your weirdest dream? I dreamt I was pregnant with twin pork chops the other night.


What grows quicker – cress, or Tom Selleck’s ‘tache?


How do food bloggers stay so thin? I’ve just read one blog and gained a stone just looking at the screen!


Awkward moment when you get a twitch in your eye and a bunch of teenage lads in the indian think you’re winking.


OMG – I just ate lamb balls and didn’t realise until after I swallowed.


“Must remember to check mixers on a low speed, must remember to check mixers on a low speed” *goes to get broom, dustpan & mop* :/


Awkward moment when our 15mth old niece picks up the remote in my parents’ lounge and casually flicks to the Playboy channel.


Just had a major biscuit dunking catastrophe. Darn those Digestives, who knew they could be so flimsy?


Today, I have mostly cleared out my cutlery drawer! No idea why I have 18 steak knives? No caveman parties that I recall 🙂


So this raccoon just came in and ate ALL the brownies! That sounds believable right? #shiftyeyes


Only in my house would you reach to get the bag of carrots and find a play mobile pirate there!


4yo is naked apart from sunglasses running in circles dragging my case behind her shouting ‘I’m going to London’ #thatwillbemeonfriday


I just pressed a few buttons and then a man brought food to my house and I ate it. Can we all take a minute to love the world we live in?


Apparently London is entirely out of hot dog stuffed crust pizzas and we will never see their like again. Dark times.

That’s it from the Twitterati for May. Don’t forget you can follow us on twitter too.

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  1. Ha haaaa! Excellent selection!

    Love the vision of @MostlyYummy visiting London on Friday, running around naked in only her sunglasses. Tell me where, so I can come and watch! 😉

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