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Ever wanted to escape the city and head for the quiet of the countryside? That’s exactly what Louisa, who writes a blog called Chez Foti, did two years ago. Along with her family (and Freddy the dog), Louisa bought a dilapidated old farmhouse in a quiet little corner of South West France and left London. She is passionate about food and especially loves cooking with, and for, her two young children. Today Louisa is going to share some of her favourite family foodie blogs.

Louisa writes:

Being a busy mum of two littlies (of just over three and a half and two) and a fellow family foodie blogger, I’m always looking for new and interesting mealtime ideas, and love gleaning inspiration from other parents. Even though I consider myself a reasonably varied cook, it’s always wonderful to see others blogging interesting dinners and cuisines for their children, getting them to try and enjoy a whole array of different food stuffs that aren’t the run of the mill kid’s fodder.

In writing this guest post I’ve looked at some of my regular favourites, found a few newbies on the block and discovered some lesser known but equally brilliant blogs that feature further down the Foodies list. After much deliberation and tea drinking here’s my Top 5 blogs that specialise in food for children and families, and believe me when I honestly say it’s been really tricky narrowing it down to only 5!

In no particular order:

I love the energy for foodie adventure that Mamacook oozes in getting her toddler to try and usually happily eat a fabulous array of flavours, foods and cuisines. I’ve tried a few of her ideas and recipes now and they always go down well with my littlies. It’s wonderful to be adventurous with your wee ones from a tender age as they really can surprise and amaze you in their tastes. Her recent post on Mussel and Broccoli Pasta made me rush out and buy some mussels and re-try them on my own two kids (they loved them in paella last year but I haven’t tried since), and I was mightily chuffed that they were still happily eating them! My other Mamacook favourites are Pad Thai for Toddlers and Singapore Noodles.

Next on my list is the lovely Vanesther’s Bangers & Mash blog . There’s plenty of quick to put together, tasty and hearty family dinners, beautifully presented with lip smackingly good photography that has you reaching over to gobble the computer screen. A recent favourite is her Bangers and Mash bake for Father’s Day and although I haven’t as yet, I’ll definitely be trying it out soon as I’m sure it’ll go down a storm in our house. I’m particularly loving Vanesther’s Around the World in Six Supper Challenge – to cook six meals over the school holidays inspired from her favourite holiday destinations.

A fairly new blog to me is Katie Bryson’s Feeding Boys and a Firefighter and as suggested in the title, her blog sets out to fuel all the hungry boys in her life with good honest home cooked fodder. There’s lots of risottos (a favourite of mine), one pot wonders (always a godsend with littlies!), stir fries and stews a plenty as well as a fair degree of veggie dinners to boot (to cater for her vegetarian husband). I tried the Spinach Risotto with Haddock she’d recently adapted from a Foodybag trial and it proved really popular with all my family. Other recipes I’m looking forward to making are Katie’s Orange, Soy & Maple Chicken and her Summer Barbecue Recipes.

Next up is the dad’s blog Chronicles of a Reluctant Housedad. I’ve been a bit of a lurker of Keith’s fab blog and ‘recipe shed’ for a while now and I have to admit that although I’m often more than a tad tempted by his adventurous, hearty, and exceedingly tempting family fodder I’m still yet to try one of his recipes. Sorry Keith, but I have bookmarked quite a number to definitely try. My favourites being his Goat’s Cheese and Oven-Dried Tomato Papperdelle (I’m waiting for my annual glut of tomatoes for this one) and Dolcelatte-Stuffed Chicken Kievs (my favourite cheese of all time!).

And last, but most certainly not least, in my Top 5 family foodie blogs comes a relative newbie on the blogger block, Well Worn Whisk. Whilst Rachel doesn’t specifically blog family food, she does have a daughter whom she cooks for (well obviously!) and virtually all her recipes would happily be eaten, and have been, by my family. Each and every recipe is totally my kind of food, or they would be if I could source all the ingredients in rural France. I genuinely feel hungry every time I read her lovely, interesting and colourful posts. I’m definitely going to be trying Rachel’s latest recipe for Comforting Moussaka as I haven’t made one in years and I know my children will love it. There’s also a recent Lamb, Apricot & Chick Pea Tagine that I’m jumping at the bit to cook (my kids LOVE tagines) and Roasted Whole Sea Bream with Potatoes & Tomatoes.

Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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  1. I’m so honoured you’ve included Bangers & Mash on your list – what splendid company to be in! I’ve just spent the morning looking through the other blogs on your list. There are some delicious looking dishes here – I can’t wait to try them out. And of course, if I was putting together my own list of top family food blogs, Chez Foti would be on there 😉

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