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I wonder if we’ll ever fall out of love with twitter? It can be a dreadful time waster but it is so difficult to tear yourself away from it sometimes! We’re always spotting interesting blog posts, delicious recipes and amusing pictures flying by in our twitter stream. Which reminds me, are you following us? You really should, you know…

As usual, we spotted some fantastic tweets and tweeters in June. Go and follow them – you won’t be disappointed. Then let us know, who are your favourite tweeters?


I have decided I like chocolates without wrappers, as you can’t see how many you have eaten!


I wish I was good friends with HTML. I’m not and it would really help sometimes if I was.


You know you are in Islington when the cupcakes on the school fete cake stall are decorated with gold leaf


I just ate a chicken breast that had beans INSIDE IT. Talk about a horrifying surprise- accidentally eating veg is the WORST


Klout says I am influential about *swimming*. Are they kidding. I don’t even put my face in the water.


Just tried some puer tea and it smells a lot like horse wee.


Hubby is on hold to EDF Energy whose hold music is Electric Dreams. I approve of this mild attempt at a sense of humour.


My first attempt at dinner didn’t go well but I still ate it. And then I tweaked the recipe, made it again and ate it all again.


Ew I just tasted a vanilla yoghurt, whoever thought that would be a good idea clearly has no tongue.


Keep receiving random gifts in the post from anonymous people. Dear sender, keep on sending! Can we request ice cream next? #hot


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