Best of the Foodie Blogs: Ten at Ten (28)


For those of you with children, this may well be the last week of school before the Summer holidays and we’re guessing you may be approaching that with equal measures of happiness and fear! The good news is, there are rumours of sunshine next week! The bad news is, you potentially have six wet weeks to fill without everyone going crazy! But fear not, some of the posts in this week’s Ten at Ten may give you some holiday cooking inspiration…

Firstly, we’ll start with Karen from Lavender and Lovage who has a great recipe for Pear, Walnut and Goats Cheese Breakfast Buns. They look delicious and make a wonderful change from boring old cereal and toast. Karen also suggests that they would be great for brunch and picnics – and we agree!

We firmly believe that you are never too old for a tea party and so does Fleurie from Fleurie FM, who held one for her 21st birthday. Just look at this amazing spread of goodies. It has given us some great ideas for hosting Summer holiday tea parties – although the Strawberry Mojitos had better be for adult treats only! And if you are hosting an adult tea party, then why not try some of these Espresso Martinis from Lickerish Split? They are bound to get the party started!

If you’re going to host a tea party, then what better than some good old traditional profiteroles? Wright Little Baker debates whether classic recipes are the best, or whether things like profiteroles are just TOO retro now and should be banished to the history books. What do you reckon?

Most of us venture into *those* ‘restaurants’ from time to time. You know, the large corporate ones, that we don’t admit to to visiting *whispers – golden arches*. Well, how about trying to recreate some of your favourite meals at home? That’s exactly what Under the Blue Gum Tree did with this Homemade Fillet O’ Fish and “Chips”. Yummy!

If you’re looking for different lunch ideas then this Hearts of Palm, Crab and Tomato Salad from Ferdie’s Food Lab may be up your street. It’s quick and easy to make and is healthy too. What more could you want?

If the weather does let us down over the next few weeks then we can guarantee the children will want some treats to cheer them up, so we’ll be trying out these delicious looking chocolate brownies from A Cupcake Mum. Great for the children to help make, and perfect for them to eat afterwards. It’s a definite winner!

There’s a whole host of recipe ideas in one blog post from The Vegetarian Experience. Clare attended A Masterclass with Paul Merrett and Total Greek Yoghurt recently, and prepared a three course meal. The orange and poppy seed cake looks wonderful.

After reading this review of Livebait on Lay the Table, we want to visit Leeds! The stunning photos make the food look so appetising – just look at those prawns! This restaurant will definitely be on our ‘to visit’ list when we’re next up that way.

Finally, we have a day out at the farm – but not just any old farm! Laura from How to Cook Good Food, along with some other food bloggers, visited Helen Browning’s Organic Farm. This is an interesting read and it discusses ideas around organic food and farming. Well worth a read.

That’s all for another week. As always, if you’d like to compile your own round up of favourite blog posts or have an idea for a guest post, then do get in touch via email, twitter or facebook. Have a lovely week!


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