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Cooking and eating well doesn’t need to break the bank and at the moment, many people are making a conscious effort to be more thrifty with their shopping. We all love a bargain, but nobody wants to sacrifice the quality of their food. Becky from veghotpot has written this guest post for us to highlight some of her favourite UK budget food blogs…

Becky writes…

When I left university I tried to make the transition from “cheap junk food just eaten for survival” to “healthy homemade I’m proud of this food”. I felt a bit lost and my food shops got more and more expensive. So one day I decided I needed to turn it all around and I started planning my meals in advance, eating sensibly and cooking everything from scratch. This made a massive difference and since then I can often feed myself and my husband for next to nothing and fill the freezer with left overs!

With this in mind I decided to draw your attention to some great bloggers who focus on “cooking within a budget”. The proof that fantastic meals can be made for a tuppence is in this list below!

Penny’s Recipes

Penny’s blog is a very ‘down to earth’ look at how to enjoy life on a budget. It’s refreshing to see someone talk about how the simple things in life are important and she focuses on being healthy, which is always a bonus. There is a great variety of interesting articles to read on “penny’s recipes” including her own story, tips for saving money and a “how to” section. She also links to an organic vegetable delivery service in Exeter (my family’s town!).

I was drawn to the Christmas Recipes section because that’s always a time of year when everyone is trying to save money and loved this post on how to make Ginger and Cinnamon tea. Luxury tea bags can be expensive, especially when you drink as much tea as us Brits, so this recipe would be great for saving money.

fuss free flavours

Helen at fuss free flavours writes a brilliant blog not just about eating and living on a budget, but also about ‘keeping it simple’. There are tips, give aways, recipes and a “Frugal Food Fridays” challenge where you can post a link to your own recipes which are frugal. The round ups are then hosted by various bloggers each month. This is a great networking tool and also a great way to share ideas!

There are plenty of delicious recipes to find on here but my favourite (I do love a good dhal so I’m a bit biased) is this easy dhal with kale. Cheap to make, full of flavour, healthy and freezable! Perfect!

The Diary of a Frugal Family

I just live with my husband so sometimes when I’m sharing meal plans, I forget that people may also need to feed their children! I came across ‘Frugal Family’ a while back and found a lot of their tips really useful for myself, as well as their parent friendly options for school holiday ideas and how to get the kids involved in the cooking. Cass also shares lots of money saving tips and recipes.

One great money saving tip she shares (which I also feel strongly about) is to pack a lunch every day to save money! The focus here is on school dinners but I think everyone should follow this tip!

Frugal Feeding

I really couldn’t put together a list of “Cooking on a budget” blogs without including Frugal Feeding! This website has become a staple ‘go to’ for recipes and they are all so delicious you forget that they’re made on a small budget! Nick has a page of tips on how to be frugal and offers up an approx cost of each recipe.

I simply had to point you all in the direction of his Apricot stuffed lamb because he takes a meat usually saved for a less frugal day (in my household at least!), explains about different cuts and offers a very cost saving delicious array of sides to match.

the skint foodie

Last but not least is Tony’s blog ‘The Skint Foodie’. His tips, recipe links and guides are heavily laced with good humour so it’s worth a read even if you’re not in the need to be frugal. In his own words “If you have a passion for good food, but very little money, what do you eat? How do you organise your kitchen? Where do you shop? Well that’s the situation I’m in, and that’s what this site is about”.

I particularly liked his “Skint Takeaway” section, I still get the odd takeaway and appreciate how it can be frustrating to order on a budget when there is a minimum spend for delivery. He is also currently focusing on cheese, an ingredient that can be very costly, and reviewing different types and their prices.

I loved his post on how to make a good coffee. For many people (same as buying lunch every day) their daily coffee break can make the cost add up considerably.

A huge thanks to Becky for sharing her favourite budget food blogs with us. So, which blogs do you go to when you are looking to cook on a budget?

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