August Blogger of the Month – Graeme from A Scots Larder


This month we are very pleased to welcome Graeme as our blogger of the month. Graeme, who has a real passion for food, especially local and seasonal produce, has been blogging at A Scots Larder since December 2011. He started his blog because he wanted to share his love of food a little further than a few photos on Facebook and tells us, “I wanted to interact and get my recipes and wine notes out there. Blogging seemed the best way to do that.”

A Scots Larder started out as a Scottish food blog but Graeme says it has very quickly become Scottish produce with a world flavour. He loves to write about all things food and you will find a wide range of recipes using local, seasonal food, as well as wine, restaurants and travel on his blog.

When we asked Graeme why he likes blogging he told us, “I love that somebody will take something I’ve made and make it themselves, or read something and enjoy it and want to tell others about it. I like telling a story and know that others will read it. I am totally passionate about food and about the produce of Scotland, knowing that I can share that even a little is very exciting.”

Whether it’s a favourite recipe or a special memory, many of us have that one blog post that sticks in our mind as one of our favourites. For Graeme it is one of the earliest posts he wrote about Scotland’s larder, why he loves it and why it inspired him to start writing. He says his most popular post is the final one he wrote from the ‘4 foodies in a Fiat 500‘ series, all about his short break in Spain and the amazing tapas he had in Barcelona. We loved reading all about this adventure!

Graeme has recently made the move to self hosted WordPress (so you know who to direct any questions to!) and is looking forward to continuing to grow his blog and increase his readership. He would love to have his blog featured in one of the food magazines and says he really wants to get back in the kitchen to develop more recipes and showcase more Scottish flavours again. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

As A Scots Larder focuses on great local produce, Graeme has enjoyed receiving samples from small independent producers who are a great fit with his blog, such as Great Glen Game and Smoked Gigha Halibut. Like us, he believes it is important to write about what you enjoy and are passionate about and these smaller producers are a perfect fit.

Even though Graeme is still fairly new to blogging, he has some great tips for those who may just be starting out. He says, “have confidence in what you’re doing, enjoy it, ask for feedback and get onto Twitter, it’s a great way to promote, wonderful for meeting fellow bloggers and an endless source of inspiration. Also join Foodies 100 as it’s a great benchmark and learning about social media and food blog influence.” (Thanks Graeme, fiver’s in the post 😉 )

You can also find Graeme on twitter and facebook so make sure you stop by to say hello and give him a follow!

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