50 Fantastic Summer Holiday Recipes


I’m away on holiday and today the sun shone brightly – I know, it probably won’t last but it was lovely while it did! It got me thinking about the perfect summer holiday food. We’ve had some wonderful suggestions from Foodies100 bloggers of what books to read this summer, and a competition showcasing some amazing baked goodies, but what are your all time favourite summer holiday recipes?

For some, it may be a dish you have eaten abroad and tried to recreate when you got back home, for others it may be an amazing picnic dish to eat by the seaside or a glorious BBQ recipe. Whatever your favourite, we’d like to hear about it and create a list of summer holiday cooking inspiration. You never know, we may even get a few more sunny days before the summer is out!

So, come and add your favourite recipe to the linky below and leave us a comment to let us know what you love about this particular recipe.

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  1. These rhubarb and white chocolate muffins are just great for taking out and about on walks or picnics or just eating in the garden – no messy icing to worry about. The sweetness of the white chocolate goes really well with tart fruit. I’ve made these several times now substituting whatever summer fruits I happen to have around. I’ve just made some with raspberries which are totally scrummy.

  2. Ice cream topped my list of favourites this summer. This eggless, non-dairy Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream has only 3 ingredients, takes 15 minutes to make and requires no ice cream maker. It’s very creamy and unexpectedly light, the perfect summer cooler. Bonus: it can be made as a smoothie, soft serve or regular ice cream.

  3. As soon as I saw this I knew I wanted to share an ice cream or ice lolly; definitely my idea of a summer recipe. I settled on my recent pickleback ice lolly:
    For adults, picklebacks are a mix of bourbon and pickled gherkin brine.
    But the brine-only version is also fabulous, and I have converted a few doubters once they’ve tried it!

    If thats’ a step too weird for you, my quick and easy triple mint choc chip ice cream may appeal instead!

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