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Oh I do love to be beside the seaside… and that is where I am this week! We’ve had fish and chips on the beach, scrumptious afternoon teas, and even found a lovely local farm shop to visit. One thing we love about being on holiday is eating out, but when you’ve only got a couple of evenings spare and so many restaurants to choose from, how do you know which ones to pick? Well, I’ve found a few recommendations for you amongst our favourite foodie blog posts this week, as well and more great recipes for you to try.

First up, I’ll share some eating out reviews. Have you eaten out anywhere great recently? Leave us a comment to tell us where, I’m sure food bloggers all around the UK would love to hear which eateries you rate highly. I’ve heard a lot about Meat Liquor, but not being a Londoner, I haven’t had the chance to visit. After seeing the photos of the meal on Humbugs and Handbags, I know I must visit really soon. Just look at the size of that plate of fries!

Next, We Love Food, It’s All We Eat shares a pork-filled feast thanks to Suffolk Farm Dingley Dell and The Leather Bottle pub in Earlsfield. It looks like an absolutely amazing meal – seriously, just look at all that food! I want to go to one of Dingley Dell’s Flying visits right now!

Lastly in our restaurant review round ups, Kavey from Kavey Eats visited Cinnamon Club in Westminster. A mixed bag food-wise here, but always great to hear a good, honest review and very interesting to hear some history about how the restaurant started.

I always love reading about different cookery courses that Foodies100 bloggers attend – there seems to be a course out there for everything now, and so many I want to try! Jules from Butcher, Baker attended an Historic Ices day at the School of Artisan Food and shares some history and lovely photos in her write up about the course. It sounds really interesting.

Now, just look at the colour of these beauties from Chocolate Log Blog! These raspberry and white chocolate friands are bright pink inside and are packed full of fruit. I bet they are delicious as an afternoon treat with a cuppa – they certainly wouldn’t last long in our house!

Last week, I mentioned that I’d seen lots of bloggers trying out the 5:2 diet and one of those is Fiona from London Unattached. She has been blogging some of the low calorie recipes she’s been trying and this chilli beef stir-fry looks delicious. Definitely one to try!

Next up, we have a cute alert! Look at these gorgeous cake pops from Garden, Tea, Cakes and Me! The teeny, tiny decorations are amazing and the finished cake pops look fabulous. Must remember not to show them to the children or they’ll be wanting to make some!

It’s so exciting when yummy looking recipes pop up in our twitter feed and we love to retweet as many as we can. Today I saw these stuffed quinoa peppers from cuminseeds. I’ve not had much luck with quinoa before but this looks like something I’d really enjoy.

I love hummus but it’s something that we eat a lot of in our house and we’re a little tired of it. So, I was very excited to discover this white bean and cashew nut dip over on Anne’s Kitchen. It’s something we’d all enjoy, especially the children, and will make a change from hummus. A great find!

Finally, I’ll finish off with this blog post from Dressing for Dinner all about a day of perfect meals. I love the way Gemma has written this post – such a lovely lot of food memories. You must go read it now!

That’s all for this week. Have a lovely food-filled week everyone and I’ll see you, same time, same place next week!

Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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  1. Thanks for including my friands in this week’s round-up. To be honest, they didn’t last long in our house either 😉

    The white bean dip and stuffed peppers sound delicoius and excellent vegetarian fare.

  2. Thanks for mentioning Humbugs & Handbags!
    You really have to try Meat Liquor when you are next in London…the fries were bigger than the size of my head…but the pickles stole the show. My mouth is watering at the thought of them!

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