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Happy November! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone how we are hurtling, full speed, towards the big ‘C’. Have you made your Christmas cake yet? Don’t forget it needs plenty of time to be fed copious amounts of alcohol!

This last week has seen many more spooky Halloween posts popping up – if you have a great pumpkin recipe or want to share photos of your amazing carved pumpkins, then do add your blog posts to our linky. It also seems lots of your are firing up those ovens and baking up treats now the weather has turned chilly, so there are plenty of cakey ideas in this week’s top picks.

Starting off those cakey offerings is Jam and Clotted Cream with her yummy banana blondies. I always seem to have one or two bananas left languishing at the bottom of the fruit bowl and this looks like a brilliant way to use them up. Perfect for sending off in lunch boxes too.

Next we have one of my favourite cakes – the lemon drizzle cake. This delicious, tangy cake from Eating Ideas is just what you need with your morning cuppa in this cold weather.

If you fancy making something a little more adventurous, then how about these chocolate and cherry bagels or buns from How to Eat an Elephant? I’ve never tried making bagels before as I assumed they were very hard work, but this recipe makes it look fairly simple and definitely worth a go.

One of the children’s favourite supper dishes is sweet and sour chicken but (and now I’m sharing my guilty secrets with you) I do often cheat and buy a jar! However, now I have discovered this recipe on Scrummy Suppers and Quiry Cakes, I’m going to try making my own. It uses mainly store cupboard ingredients so there’s no excuse for not trying it out.

It may be chilly outside, but who could resist these amazing ice cream cones from Amelie’s House? The children (and adults!) would go mad for these – what a great way to brighten up the day!

Now, back to the baking. If you are watching what you eat then this Paleo Apple and Date Loaf from Chocolate and Raspberries could be just the cake for you. The combination of dates, almonds and apples sounds like a winning one to me!

When it comes to coffee cake, we are divided in our house. I love anything to do with coffee and if it includes cake, all the better. The hubby loves coffee but not coffee cake – he’s a bit odd! So, I’m going to make this coffee, walnut and raisin cake from Kitchen Delights and eat it all by myself!

Apparently, it is National Sausage Week this week. I really can’t keep up with all these weeks! So, what better to share than this recipe for pork, leek and apple sausage rolls from Jenny Eatwell’s Rhubarb & Ginger? The children adore sausage rolls so I might make some and pop them in their lunch boxes as a surprise. Maybe I’ll save one or two for myself too…

Next up we have parkin. I love the dark, sticky, gingeriness (is that a word?) of this lovely cake. If you fancy making some, then head over to Lickerish Split and try out her recipe. Then send me some so I can test if for you!

Last, but by no means least, we have a recipe for the little ones (although I’m sure it would go down just as well with the big ones too!). I love the look of this pumpkin risotto with thyme from Mamacook and I’m sure it would be a big hit with all the family.

That’s all for this week. Thanks to those of you who have offered to write a Ten at Ten round up for us – we’d still love to hear from you if you fancy writing one for us.

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