January blogger of the month – Sian from Fishfingers for tea


What better way to start a new month, and indeed a new year, than with a blogger of the month? This month we have been chatting to Sian, who has been blogging in one way or another for about 8 years.

Sian’s current blog, Fishfingers for tea, originally started as a parent blog under a different name when she said she was, “a seriously sleep deprived new mother who just wanted something else to think about.” She says, “Gradually more and more food posts appeared until it seemed I’d stepped over to the world of food blogging and I decided to change the name to Fishfingers for tea.”

On Sian’s blog, you will find a lovely mix of family and food, and some especially lovely looking cakes and cookies! Her most popular post is a delicious-looking bacon and spinach oven baked risotto – super easy and perfect for this time of the year.

When we asked Sian what she loves most about blogging she told us, “I appreciate the opportunities it gives me but it’s mainly because it’s something for me. It allows me to write and be creative in different ways. One of the things I didn’t expect though was the friendships it has brought, online friends that I consider to be as close as those in ‘real’ life.” See, we always knew food bloggers were a friendly bunch!

Sian said she has several posts that she’s really enjoyed writing over the years, but her favourite has to be this recipe for pork and apple burgers. She tells us, “It’s not a fancy recipe or indeed the greatest post but the photo makes me smile each time I see it and is what the blog is all about – feeding my family and that cheeky sneak of a chip off my plate.” We think they look absolutely scrummy!

Last year, Sian really enjoyed working with Kenwood to create a Christmas Menu and says she has been very lucky to work with some fantastic brands through her blogging.

It sounds like Fishfingers for tea is a blog to watch this year as Sian says she has a few ideas bubbling away. Like many of use, she would like to work improve her food photography skills and is currently saving for a ‘big girl camera’. Let’s hope she shares some of her top tips when she’s worked out how to use it!

We asked Sian to share some of her top tips for new bloggers with us:

  • The main thing would be to enjoy it. Blogging is meant to fun and if it stops being fun then it’s time to take a break
  • Don’t feel that you should do the same things as everyone else. It’s your blog, your focus, there’s no need to follow the trends
  • Start with WordPress! It will make your life easier down the line
  • And as hard as it can be, don’t get caught up in all the stats and ranking malarkey  They’re interesting and do serve a purpose but they’re really not the be all and end all. Focus more on building your blogging relationships and engagement

And before we go, if you see Sian on a bike, it’s probably best to get out of her way. She says she’s tried to learn to ride a bike several times and now accepts she’s not meant to travel on two wheels!

You can also find Sian over on twitter and facebook so be sure to pop by and say hello.

Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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