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This week, in the absence of lovely Amy and before the arrival of the lovely new editor person,  I (Laura) am guest editing here on the Foodies100. It’s been a while since I had a chance to meander through the foodies blogs, and it’s been a huge pleasure to reacquaint myself with you all. So – grab a coffee and come with me to see the ten best posts I saw this week from the Foodies100 bloggers:

Clearly there has to be a Pancake post or two. The English Kitchen topped my list for savoury breakfast pancakes with her Polenta & Bacon pancakes – I can’t wait to try them.
But over at Poires Au Chocolat is a lady after my own heart – “I usually eat pancakes flipped onto a plate straight from the pan, soaked with lemon, sprinkled with sugar straight from the packet and eaten with my fingers, standing in the kitchen, while they’re still hot and crispy around the edges” – Check out her tempting Pancakes with Lemon & Thyme Sugar version (and the even more alluring banana & maple version tucked inside it)

And lastly for my pancake selection, I simply HAVE to try Ren Behan’s Polish Sweet Cream Cheese Pancakes that I saw over on Fabulicious Food. I only have one comment, really – yumyumyum.

Rich at Them Apples has a fabulous piece on Horse Meat and Where Your Meat comes From, discussing the whole Horse Meat issue rampaging through the news currently – definitely a must-read.

The Botanical Baker was talking apple trees this week, telling the story of the Bramley Apple Pips. You should definitely go read – it’s a lovely tale, and we really do need more of our native apples being planted and looked after in the UK. Our orchards are disappearing so fast.

Nelly’s Cupcakes has a handy Five Top Tips for Eating Out (when you’re on a diet and don’t want to blow it). Worth a look for anyone who’s watching the calories at the moment.

The Curry Guy was talking Goat Meat (Roast Leg of Goat, to be exact) this week – and I’ll admit it, he has me convinced to try it. What about you? Tempted?

All That I’m Eating had me at the “Chef’s Herb-Off”. But the Chocolate Shortbread with Rosemary and Hazelnuts is frankly to deliciously weird to not try.

This great post from Hollow Legs was hot on the heels of Chinese New Year – with a  Sichuan Wontons recipe that I cannot wait to give a go – they look simply delicious.

And lastly, my absolute tip top favourite Valentine’s Day post of the week was this one from Cook Sister. Muttering about the use of pink in the commercial stores on Valentines Day (“Do we really want to celebrate this day dedicated to love, the most passionate of human emotions, looking like a pre-teen girl’s wardrobe exploded on our screens?”) she celebrates the beauty and passion of RED with this Rose syrup poached fig & pomegranate pavlova recipe. Heart breakingly good to look at, I’m betting it tastes even better.


Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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  1. What a lovely Valentine’s present – a feature in Ten at Ten! Thanks very much for the mention, and in such good company too. Glad you liked the post – and I can vouch for the deliciousness of the pavlovas! Have a fantastic weekend.

  2. Many thanks for the nod Laura. It’s an honor to be mentioned and much appreciated. I can see that I am in very good company. I had read Rich’s post this morning re. this current food industry debacle and the horse meat, and thoroughly enjoyed. I thought it very well written and topical for the times we are living in. Now off to check out the rest of the posts. There looks to be some really tasty goodies there.

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