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Still me (Laura) guest editing here on the Foodies100, so another chance to meander through the foodies blogs (and make myself super hungry…). I haven’t followed a theme – just browsed the ranks and picked any post that made me say “OOOH! I want to make THAT!”. So – grab a coffee and come with me to see the ten best posts I saw this week from the Foodies100 bloggers:

First up was this amazing recipe for Lime, Coconut and Cardamom Loaf Cake over on the Chocolate Log Blog. Looks utterly delicious, and I cannot wait to try it out this weekend.

Next I was intrigued by Kavey Eats’ instructions for How To Can Apple Pie Filling – I love to make preserves, but have never thought about doing this. Am SO going to give it a go though.

I love to discover new ingredients and Rachel Cotterill’s Roasted Vegetables with Creamy Zhoug Sauce had me searching for a jar of Zhoug of my own. “zhoug is a traditional middle eastern blend of fresh green chilli, coriander, garlic, spices, and olive oil” – who knew? Not me. but I do now. And I want to try some too.

The Little Loaf has presented us with Double Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream. Not sure you need any more persuasion than that, really? Oh, you need more? How about this claim: “probably the best ice cream I’ve made this year”.
*waves goodbye as you dash off to see*

Caroline Makes has again had me jotting down ingredients, ready to bake her amazing recipe. Elvis Cupcakes – Banana, Peanut Butter and Bacon. Yes, bacon. And it truly sounds utterly delicious. I think even my peanut-hating son might be tempted by these, his passion for bacon is such.

I’ll warn you now – Peachtrees and Bumblebees is splashing chocolate brownie images about. Stem Ginger Brownies, no less. And serving them warm with ice cream too. I know, the cheek of it. *sigh*

Eat The Earth is talking about home made burgers – in fact it’s A Burger Recipe For People Who Don’t Like Burgers (it’s actually my personal go-to recipe for them too). It seems fitting in these Horse Meat Saga times to remind people that making your own burgers is not only simple and relatively cheap, but way WAY tastier than any offerings from the supermarket freezer cabinet.

And neatly following the perfect burger is this recipe for Hot Dawg Buns which With Knife And Fork have created. I can’t say I’ve ever considered making my own – hot dog buns are tasteless white pappy things that come in packs of 6, aren’t they? But lo – now I know better. And I’m just itching to try this out…

An American Cupcake in London has seduced me with her wicked and wily ways. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate. Naive I may be, but I’d never considered. Never thought. And now I can’t get it out of my head.

And lastly is a bittersweet post from  Mood Food who has not only been unwell, but she has also had to deal with the sadness of losing her restaurant. In the process of such hideousness, however, she has shared the perfect recipe for Chicken Soup:  “I needed comfort, I needed good food and I needed love for my soul.”





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