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Foodies ten at ten


It’s Friday, it’s ten o’clock – and yes, that means it’s that happy time of the week when we bring you our pick of the blog posts from the UK food blogging community. I’ll be handing over to your new editor next week – but I have truly loved writing this over the last few weeks. It never ceases to amaze me the length and breadth of talent there is in our foodie community.  So grab yourself a coffee – and a biscuit, you really don’t want to be heading into this round up when you’re hungry.

First find was Reluctant Housedad’s Spicy Latin Lasagne – one of those recipes that as soon as you see the picture you start thinking “oooh!”, and then you scan the ingredients and the game ups to an “OOOH!” as you reach for a pen to start adding to your shopping list. ‘Insanely genius’ is absolutely right.

I’m totally intrigued by SmarterFitters Winter Breakfast Salad. Seriously – I would never think about this in the mornings. But it’s so darn PRETTY (you have to admit that porridge is never pretty, even when you add pink sparkles) and enticing… though I have to be honest and admit I can’t see me faffing with it on a school day!

Next up is what I found over at Lay The table. Spiced Rum Cake With Coconut Whipped Cream Frosting. “Little bursts of finely chopped crystallised ginger, a zesty splash of lime from the rind and a rum and lime syrup soak, then topped off with a coconut and whipped cream frosting.” Really, the only comment I have is “yumyumyumyum”

These Buckwheat Clusters I spotted over at Including Cake look amazing – I have never tried buckwheat on the small people, but these look delicious enough to tempt even the picky eater to try them.

This delicious looking Duck, Ginger and Orange Soup that I found over at Soup Tuesday seems like just the thing for this grey and miserably freezing weather we’re having.

The Grubworm has totally hooked me in, making me yearn to try out the Thai Fish Curry… “eye-wateringly intense blitzkrieg of pungency built on a slow building furnace of chilli-fuelled embers” – seriously how can you NOT try it after that?

If eye-watering Thai curries aren’t your thing, though, then perhaps Recipes form a Normal Mum has something more for your tastebuds. how about some Blueberry, Lime & Chocolate Chip Muffins. Why yes, thank you, don’t mind if I do…

Miss Foodwise had some serious comments on bread making – and the potential biological effects of modern bread-making. Having a bread-intolerant husband the Soda Bread, Time To Bake post was an eye-opener for me – and I have always wanted to make soda bread, so the recipe made it a win-win.

A little more comfort eating form the in-housing-limbo Fish Fingers For tea. But really, I can’t see how Banana Almond Crumble Cake could do anything but help in any crisis.

Lastly, I’m afraid there’s a le-e-etle bit more comfort food from Teen Baker. Seriously – there was no way I was going to saunter past this amazing  Raspberry, Oat and Almond Bake without trying it. Personally I don’t care that it is ‘unapologetically muddled’ – just my kind of dish.

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