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This week we have a Saturday Ten at Ten, hopefully just in time to enjoy with a mug of coffee, before doing your menu planning for next week.  I have had a dreadful week, my old laptop died as the data was being transferred to the new one.  Thankfully by some small miracle that they rescued all my data.  I cannot stress the importance of backing up, (I thought that I had, but it had not saved properly).  There is a post on backing up over on The Mads, if you do not already do it please write BACK UP at the top of your to-do list and do one as soon as you can.

Yesterday was Comic Relief and a plethora of red nose bakes appeared all over the internet.  I especially liked Camilla’s Comic Relief cookies,  simple enough for a child to make but delicious too – melt in the mouth, vanilla flavoured and dipped in chocolate.  Perfect for bake sales you could change the colour for other occasions too.

On the subject of bake sales Michelle  is a kitchen whirling dervish, and is regularly roped in to bake for her three daughter’s classes as well as all the other classes in the school.  Adaptable bulk biscuit recipe to the rescue! Cheap – at £3.60 for 80 biscuits (about 4p each) and egg free, so safe for the raw cookie dough to be sampled, you can also freeze both the dough and biscuits.

It is St Patrick’s day tomorrow and what better excuse to whip out the Irish Cream and make brownies? Soft, moist brownies with a generous glug of Baileys and lots of chocolate chips from Fold in the Flour sound delicious.

Some very pretty mini eclairs from Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops (what a wonderful blog name) are perfect for a grey damp day. Absolutely beautifully photographed too.

I have only managed to find blood oranges once this year, if you are lucky and stumble upon some then Marmaduke Scarlet’s seductive blood orange curd sounds and looks amazing.  Easy to make and with some interesting idea of how to use it up too.

Do not read Greedy Gourmet if you are feeling at all hungry.  Michelle takes amazing photos and her photo essay of how to make perfect slow roast pork belly is educational, inspiring and very hunger making.   She is one of the best photographers out there and has just launched her photography business too.

More St Patrick’s day inspired bakes from Gill with her (fake) Oreos made with rye flour and filled with Irish cream and Irish coffee buttercream.   Delicious.

A thoughtful post on food blogging and perfection from the Little Red Courgette.  Disasters are part of the process and we should not feel beaten down by them as we complete to be perfect.  I agree with her comment, “It just saps all the joy out of the process. Firing up WordPress to write a post goes from something which is all a bit of fun to something which is an immense chore” . Time to reclaim blogging as fun.

My sweet tooth loves the sound of mocha fudge with a drizzle of salted caramel from Almond and Honey, I like both and the pairing sounds amazing.  Apparently very easy to make it has been added to my bookmarks to be made some time next week.

Helen is on a trip to Ethiopia with the important Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign, and has visited an number of projects, including a group of women who set up an injera making business; a traditional fermented bread made with teff.   By working the women are now earning a good wage and are able to support themselves, their families and educate their children.   A simple idea which transforms lives. I am looking forward reading about the rest of Helen’s trip.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my Red Nose Day Cookies – I can’t believe the amount of attention they’ve had across the web. I nearly didn’t enter the Sainsbury competition but decided that the taking part was more important than the winning, so even though they weren’t shortlisted they proved popular with everyday mums it seems:-)

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