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This week’s 10 at 10 is a guest post from Ceri Jones who blogs at Natural Kitchen Adventures. Over to Ceri.

The Paleo blogging movement is currently storming the USA, but us Brits have too been making waves this side of the pond. For this week’s 10 at 10 I’ll introduce you to some deliciously healthy recipes from UK bloggers that have caught my eye recently – showing you the wealth of great tasting recipes one can enjoy whilst following the Paleo foods template. In the mix are some fantastic blogs showcasing inventive recipes, witty and interesting intros and mouth-watering photography. Above all else Paleo bloggers show a passion and determination to eat and feel better through their food choices.

The Paleo foods template focuses on whole foods drawn from meat, fish, eggs, veggies, fruits, nuts & seeds as well as good quality cold-pressed oils and fats. It is also referred to as ancestral / primal / whole foods / natural foods & clean eating.

First up is Spanish born, but London based, The Saffron Girl. I rather like the look of this veggie packed tortilla which has a twist to the Spanish original (there are no white potatoes!)

I love reading Nigerian expat Adura’s blog. Adura often takes classic Nigerian staple ingredients and recipes such as plantain and stews and gives them a Paleo makeover – I was recently enticed by her jollof rice – a classic everyday Nigerian dish.

The girls from London Paleo Kitchen were in an experimental mode when they played around with this homemade probiotic coconut yoghurt, which definitely looks like one to try.

I always enjoy reading Keep Healthy Getting Stylish. Laura isn’t exclusively paleo but every now again brings out a Paleo corker – especially in terms of cakes and desserts. Her breakfast dish sweet potato and coconut breakfast bake looks utterly scrummy.

For something a bit more savoury and an everyday staple the guys at Primal Britain have some great recipes. Their recent Chicken korma curry  puts a fab healthier twist on the take-away classic

Earlier this year the lovely Ren Behan spent some time experimenting with Paleo and in the process blogged this delicious looking butternut, coconut and hazelnut soup. One for the to make list for sure!

Fitter Londoners Keris & Matt have recently self published an amazing nutrition & recipe book Fitter Food. Amongst articles about exercise and well being on their blog they also include new recipes and sneak previews from the book. Their latest post includes some amazingly healthy looking Cashew Coconut Fudge which looks well worth a try for a special treat!

This post from the Paleo Larder is fab idea – Making your own pork scratchings / popcorn! Pork scratchings get a bad rap. They needn’t if made without added nasties such as wheat flour and preservatives. I can’t wait to have a go at making my own using this recipe.

I recently discovered Susan Jane White’s blog, with so many recipes to choose from I’ve opted for her Paleo friendly pinenut ricotta. Looks like a delicious alternative to dairy ricotta.

And last but not least, one from me – I blog over at Natural Kitchen Adventures. I’ve recently got into fermenting veg for an extra pro-biotic kick. This spiced salad is a great recipe if you’re looking for somewhere to start. It was certainly an adventure and a pleasant surprise to taste so good!

Many thanks to Ceri for this round up and tour of some paleo blogs. 

You can follow Ceri on twitter at @cerikitchen.

If you would like to contribute a 10 at 10 and showcase your favourite blogs then leave a comment, or tweet us @foodies100.



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