Ten at Ten (64): The Gluten Free Edition



This week’s Ten at Ten is from Sarah whose love of both Kate Bush and puns is evident in the name of her blog – Wuthering Bites!

The very lovely Helen has invited me to do a Ten at Ten for foodies, which I’m so happy about as I have wanted to do one for a while! I’m Sarah, otherwise known as the brains behind @wbites or Wuthering Bites and I love to focus on creating gluten free recipes with a twist, they are mostly naturally gluten free. I believe in meals that can be prepared quickly and that don’t necessarily have a strict process- so you can adapt them to what suits your kitchen cupboard.

I love sharing good recipes I’ve found trailing through the Internet, mostly whilst procrastinating in between my own blog posts. Inspiration is everything and I feel this is a great way to showcase some truly great recipes, which can do just that. As it’s Coeliac Awareness week this is a great way to end it! Here we go…

Gluten Free B is a fabulous blog, full of debate, advice, and comparison blogs, which is excellent for the indecisive shopper and anyone who has just been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. This is a brilliant example of some of the great blogs she does, this time comparing the ever so popular new appearance of gluten free wraps on the market.

My Darling Lemon Thyme is a very popular blog and rightly so, the photography is simply stunning and inspires my own posts a lot. Her recipes are simple, beautiful and tasty and her Zucchini Quinoa Rocket with Lemon Salad is one of those brilliant picnic-type posts we’re seeing on many blogs at the moment.

This simple Pear, Almond and Coconut tart from Chocolate Chilli Mango is one of those simple recipes that I truly adore, no huge list of different flours but very simple and effective with lovely flavour combinations.

As I’ve been currently planning a holiday to Rome I’ve been reading about how easy it is to eat there as a Coeliac or gluten intolerant. Surprisingly the offers of gluten free pizza, pasta, ice cream cones and classics like tiramasu are in abundance. So naturally I got a craving to search for a recipe for the latter…

Continuing on my want for Italian food, this gorgeous recipe from Jenn Cuisine for Sausage, Squash and Chanterelle Mushroom rolled lasagne seems like the perfect thing to solve the end of the week ‘running out of food’ dilemma.

More gluten free pasta from the lovely Girl Makes Food this time, but a very simple approach and fresh spring flavours of asparagus, leeks and peas.

If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge I have always been tempted at starting my own sourdough for Gluten Free sourdough bread. I’m hoping to venture into more bread posts on my blog and this post by Big Sis little Dish gives you a really nice simple approach into how to get your starter going and a fab Boule recipe too.

If you want a bread recipe that is just a bit more simple and straightforward then this Buckwheat Batter Bread uses Molasses and sesame seeds to create a strong flavour, I would imagine this would be excellent breakfast bread.

Ever since by friend Bribed with Food mentioned she had lavender chicken one night at a restaurant I have always had the urge to try it! I found this recipe for Springtime Lemon Chicken with Saffron and Lavender from Oh Shine On and it looks like the perfect twist to summer food; to make a big batch and nibble on lunch breaks or to serve to family and friends at a picnic. I love the bright colour the saffron brings.

My final ten-for-ten goes to a Bristolian friend of mine Frugal Feeding for his magnificent Crustless Spinach and Ricotta Quiche. Don’t want to bother making pasty? Sorted. Forget the pastry..skip straight to the good stuff!

If you need any help finding gluten free recipes or advice in general, I’m always on Twitter or my blog so feel free to contact me as I do love to help and/or point you in the right direction!

Tarrah for now!

WB x

Many thanks to Sarah for the round up.  For further information or advice about coeliac disease visit Coeliac.org.uk.

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  1. Good to see a gluten free selection for coeliac awareness week. I started the week with a gf recipe too to mark the occasion. The buckwheat batter bread sounds interesting. Thanks for the round-up.

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