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This week’s Ten at Ten is by Kate from Cakes and Bakes by Kate, who has found 10 amazing bakes to make this weekend.  Over to Kate…

My name is Kate. I’m an amateur baker based in Leeds, UK. I recently started blogging to share my experiences while learning to bake; and to meet new, likeminded people.

I love baking and cake decorating, and spend most weekends in the kitchen! When I’m not baking, I’m either thinking about baking or blogging about baking.

As I blog about baking, I thought it would be appropriate to theme my “10 at 10” around baking. So, without further ado, here are the top ten recipes from other bloggers that I’m dying to try!

I love chocolate éclairs, and the addition of hazelnuts makes them even more appealing! Not that I need persuasion to eat an éclair… Cupcake Girl has done a brilliant job with these, and despite her thoughts, I think they look great!

Sophie’s peanut butter spelt cookies look fantastic! I don’t buy peanut butter very often as I would eat the whole jar given half a chance, but I really want to give these cookies a go. As an added bonus, they contain only natural sugars.

This recipe used here is from “The Birthday Cake Book” by Fiona Cairns, but there are some similar recipes online. The original recipe is just banoffee cake, but I like the idea of adding chocolate chunks. The cake looks lovely – I bet it would taste fantastic either on its own, or served with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of toffee sauce.

I grew up in Scotland, so I’ve got a soft spot for Scottish biscuits and desserts. Emma’s oaty crumbles look fantastic! They remind me of the oat biscuits I used to have at school – I can’t wait to give them a go!

Claire’s mini vanilla bean cheesecakes look absolutely delicious! These baked cheesecakes are set in the fridge overnight once cooled. Leaving them overnight without eating them will be a huge challenge when I come to bake them!

Another banoffee recipe, but I love banoffee pie! I particularly like the idea of using oaty biscuits / hobnobs for the base – hobnobs never last long in my house! The recipe is quick and easy, and perfect for gatherings at short notice!

Chocolate cake is one of my favourites, so Gary’s Triple Chocolate Cake of Death really appeals to me. It’s a huge 3 layered chocolate cake, covered with dark chocolate ganache, and finished with shavings of milk and white chocolate. I’d love to make this, but I’d need to give most of it away to stop me eating it!

Wil’s vanilla pastries look absolutely lovely! The homemade custard makes these extra special, and as is usual for Wil, the appearance is stunning. Wil has a lot of great recipes on his blog, all with a unique twist.

Like most people, I love a gooey brownie. When I saw Leanne’s recipe for these blondies, I knew I had to give them a go! Lemon is a great ingredient in desserts, but I’d never thought of using mascarpone in this way.

Who doesn’t love a Jaffa cake? Laura’s Jaffa cupcakes are a marmalade filled vanilla sponge, with chocolate buttercream and a mini Jaffa cake to decorate. Jaffa cakes are among my favourite “biscuits” so I can’t wait to give these a go!

I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I enjoyed reading and writing about them – I can’t wait to get baking!

Kate, Cakes and Bakes by Kate, @K8Livingston

Many thanks to Kate for this delicious round up, I am not sure which to try first.  

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