Ten at Ten (67): Colourful Summer Treats



This week’s Ten at Ten is bought to you from Jen at Blue Kitchen Bakes.

My name is Jen and I’m a PhD student who enjoys baking, cooking and blogging to relax and clear my head after long days spent doing research. I’ve been blogging for just over a year and I mostly write about baking although I do include the occasional recipe for ‘proper food’ too. For my ten at ten post this week I’ve picked a selection of colourful and mouth watering posts for you to enjoy.

10. Rhubarb, rose and cardamom cupcakes from The Wayfaring Baker

Baking with cardamom seems to be all the rage at the moment, and these pretty pink cupcakes combine traditional Estonian flavours into a modern cupcake.

9. Vegan strawberry cake with strawberry icing

A cake packed full of strawberries, they’re even in the icing, makes this a cake perfect for the English summer even if the sun has disappeared again!

8. Chive flower vinegar from Lancashire Food

This vinegar is given a beautiful pale purple colour from the chive flowers and I imagine it would work well it lots of summery salads.

7. Sweet Beets from London Eats

A Swedish style beetroot and apple salad finished off with dill is a great way to make lunch time more colourful.

6. Shredded red cabbage, raisin & gorgonzola salad with balsamic dressing from Mustard With Mutton

More purple salad here but this time the star ingredient is red cabbage paired with sweet raisins and salty gorgonzola, I’m hungry just writing about it!

5. Mama Ghanouche from Maryam’s Culinary Wonders

A very vibrant dip made from earthy beetroots and tahnini perfect for spreading on warm flatbreads.

4. Yoghurt strawberry shortcakes from Supergolden Bakes

A slightly healthier twist on the classic strawberry shortcake using fat free yoghurt instead of lashings of cream, this means there’s no guilt in having a second one!

3. Chocolate mint brownies from My Golden Pear

I couldn’t do a round up without having some chocolate and these minty brownies look very gooey and indulgent with their layer of mint icing underneath a dark chocolate topping.

2. Hazelnut, lemon & blueberry layer cake from Fold In The Flour

Deep layers of spelt and hazelnut cake filled lemon cream cheese frosting and topped with fresh blueberries, the best way to accompany an afternoon cuppa.

1. Fruity surprise juice from Elizabeth’s Kitchen http://tangolikeraindrop.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/fruity-surprise-juice.html

Finally to wash it all down is this ruby red fresh juice full of fruit and vegetables, definitely a good way to help towards your five a day.

I hope you all enjoyed these recipes, I’m stuck trying to decide which one to make first!

Many thanks to Jen for the round up – follow her on twitter at @BlueKitchenBake.

If you would like to contribute a Ten at Ten featuring your favourite blogs comment below and we will be in touch.

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