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This week’s Ten at Ten is from Becky at Munchies and Munchkins.  Over to Becky…

My name is Becky and I’m a full time working mum with a lovely man at my side a young daughter Izzy and baby 2 currently taking residence in my belly. I live in Wales and I write the food and family blog Munchies and Munchkins  – I love to cook and eat. I mostly cook fuss free family food and I really enjoy sharing my recipes with others via the blog.

This weeks Ten at Ten is inspired by things that have made me go aaahhhhh or actually drool over the past week or so. I’m not cooking or baking as much as I normally would as I’ve been feeling pretty lousy during my pregnancy and its frustrating. The following are blog posts/recipes that I favourite on twitter or save to my bookmarks knowing that at some point I am going to want to make them.

I love the Kerry Cooks Blog and she is ALWAYS making something that I want to eat. This week is no different with her lime and coconut cheesecake bars.

Fuss Free Flavours is another blog I like to visit. There are some fabulous Vitamix recipes which I am looking forward to trying when my swanky new Vitamix machine arrives but until then I am eager to test out her no churn Bounty ice cream.

I enjoy reading the Recipes for Life monthly challenge on the Bangers and Mash blog and one day I fully intend to be a part of it. Something always seems to get in the way. She also posts a lot of really simple recipes which I love. This week was a strawberry & honey smoothie which sounded so refreshing and tasty.

Another drool worthy ice cream recipe next from The Crazy Kitchen.. Well the sun is shining isn’t it? So ice cream has to be on the menu. Another no churn, no eggs (yay) easy peasy recipe for toffee popcorn ice cream, which sounds delicious.

One of my favourite blogs ever is written by Brittany of A Healthy Slice. Brittany and her family live in North Carolina and I found her blog by happy accident about a year ago. She posts some amazing healthy recipes for toddler and adults alike. I really fancy giving this garden fresh salsa a whirl:

A Mother’s Ramblings is another good read and a fellow fan of meal planning.  I’ve been trying to find good ideas for healthy breakfasts lately and I love this scrambled egg with spring onion bagel recipe.

Love this strawberry and caramel tart recipe from Jo’s kitchen. It looks like an impressive yet deceptively simple dessert to impress friends after a BBQ. I’m definitely going to try it:

I have followed Baking Aitch on Twitter and instagram for quite some time and she is someone who shares my love for baking. Like me she was baking again within a few days of giving birth- crazy yes? Recently she posted a recipe for rhubarb and custard muffins and as I have had a major craving for the boiled sweets lately I know sometime soon I’ll be trying this out!

If you haven’t read A girl called Jack blog then you really should. She has some incredible recipes which are made even more incredible by the fact that they are so cheap to make. I love the sound of this slightly different potato salad with courgettes and feta costing just 13p.

Last but not least is GoodStuff4Kids – a blog written by two West Country Dads. There are lots of great recipes on the site but what caught my attention was the Three French Classics..I love French cooking and can’t wish to try the Onion Soup. Ooh La la!

Many thanks to Becky for the round up – have a lovely and delicious weekend!

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