Ten at Ten (72): The Cheesy Edition



This week’s Ten at Ten is from Jane who is obsessed with all things cheese!  Over to Jane!

My name is Jane and I work freelance, study part-time and have two small noisy boys. I grew up on a farm but now live in London and write the cheese-obsessed blog Fromage Homage. I love cheese but realised how unadventurous I was so now I’m having great fun finding out how cheese is made and the great ways to eat it. I also host the monthly recipe challenge Cheese, Please! which aims to get people cooking with a different cheese every month.

There are so many ways to cook with cheese and a gazillion recipes but for this week’s Ten at Ten I’ve tried to stick to a classic cheeseboard style and included hard cheeses, soft cheeses, blue cheeses, stinky cheeses and a mix of cow, sheep and goat!

I’ve been trying to make cheese myself recently and it’s not always as easy as it looks. Chip Butties and Noodle Soup gives a fail-safe recipe for Polish Farmer’s Cheese but it’s the serving suggestions that won me over – especially the Summer Berry Sernik.

Little Bean Kitchen is new to the blogosphere but she’s already caught my eye with her cheese recipes. I am passionate about the quality and versatility of British cheese and so I love her use of Kirkham’s Lancashire in these Cheese Scones.

Representing the blue corner is The Ginger Gourmand with her delicious-sounding Stilton, Potato and Caramelised Onion Tart. I also love the fact she is bringing up her son to like quality stinky cheese!

Cheese on a barbeque doesn’t have to mean halloumi, a concept fully embraced by The Purple Pumpkin Blog and her delicious Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Burgers. I recently tried something similar with a blue cheese and it makes for a great oozy cheeseburger.

Goat’s cheese is so versatile and this is more than ably demonstrated by Joie De Vivre Blog’s recipe for Raspberry and Goat’s Cheese Ripple Brownies. Cheese and chocolate? Together? Oh my!

Another sweet treat from Ice Cream Magazine is Lavender Honey-Roasted Figs with Colston Bassett Cave-Aged Stilton Cheese. If you’ve never tried this Stilton before, track some down, it’s amazing – and combined with these ingredients sounds delicious.

Over in The English Kitchen, she’s making full use of seasonal produce with her Courgette and Cheese Bake. And anything featuring two cheeses in it is always a winner with me.

Marmaduke Scarlet’s English Potherb and Soft Cheese Pie reminds me of Greek holidays but also introduces me to sheep’s cheese in a can! Sounds so wrong but this recipe sounds so right, so I’ll have to hunt some down.

There’s a reason why the French speak of terroir when it comes to produce; cheese is so tied to the landscapes that produce it and the communities that consume it. I’m fascinated by regional cheese dishes and so loved the idea of Parmo in this recipe by Daily Peel.

Finally, it’s not a cheese for everyone but I adore a stinky ripe Brie so would love a summery slice of this Mushroom, Thyme and Brie Quiche by Ramekins and Pretty Things.

Happy Fromage Friday!

Many thanks to Jane for her cheesy Ten at Ten!  Like and follow Jane on Facebook and Twitter.

Please get in touch if you would like to contribute a Ten at Ten one week.

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