Ten at Ten (74): Delicious Expat Dishes



This week’s Ten at Ten is bought to us by Emma, from Adventures of a London Kiwi, over to Emma:-

Kia ora, I’m Emma, and as you can probably guess from my blog at Adventures of a London Kiwi, I’m a New Zealander living in London, exploring the nooks and crannies it has to offer. Life as a Commonwealth expat certainly has it’s interesting points, none more so than finding new Foodie treats that you may not have discovered at home.

With our new heir apparent Prince George (congratulations to the new parents!), the Jubilee last year and the Olympics, life seems to have brought a wave of patriotism to the British Isles. All of these fantastic events have introduced me to celebrating in the most English of ways – street parties.

I find myself often drawn to fellow expats as they discover Britain and the Continent enjoying traditional fare, and adding their own twist to it, so if I were to have a blogger street party, the dishes I would love to have gathered around in addition to the sausage rolls, pork pies, Victoria sponge and scones are;

Ren’s family favourite pierogi, hot with a variety of interesting fillings would be a delicious start to the table.

Wild Watercress is a British favourite, and I could definitely see Regula’s Trout and Watercress Pie, in mini-form taking pride of place for the pescatarians and fish lovers.

From Our Kitchen’s International spread, I would love to nestle their Japanese Sesame Beef Salad alongside a cooling cucumber raita. I adore Japanese food, and this could be a massive hit on our laden table.

Originally from Malaysia, Ai Lin’s Crunchy Over Fried Chicken would go down a treat and is marginally guilt free.

The savoury treats could perhaps be rounded out by Su-Lin’s Smoky Salsa served with vegetable crudité and corn chips.

Holding up the sweeter side of the table, I’d to have an array of Nick’s Rosewater Madeleines They are also a point of example of the expat effect – an American baking French Patisserie in London for her Irish fiancé.

Signe Johanson’s Cardamon Twists whilst looking utterly delicious, also seem to typify just that – Signe’s expat roots & British home cooking.

Italian expat Iris’s delicious Honey Nut Granola and Raspberry Yoghurt Parfaits could be a beautiful treat (and a healthy too!)

Swedish Bread and Butter Kanelbulle Pudding with Bourbon and Bananas shared by Jonathan (a UK expat living in Sweden) would be a fabulous talking point, and a fascinating combination of flavours.

Drunken Figs and Marscarpone Cream  from Luxembourg born Sophie would be a wonderful alternative to Sherry Trifle.

What would my antipodean contribution be? Probably big Urns of Tea and Pimms, Bacon & Egg Pie, with a few slices of Lolly Cake rounding it out. Not very healthy, but delicious – and street party food has no calories…right?

The world is a truly global place these days, and our table would be a little crazy, but certainly full of delicious treats to share.

I would love to chat, be you a native or expat, & can be founding lurking on Twitter @londonkiwiemma and on Google Plus +Emma C  in addition to my wee corner of the internet, Adventures of a London Kiwi.

Many thanks to Emma for her round up which seems to feature food from all over the world! 

If you would like to contribute a Ten at Ten to showcase your favourite blogs to our community  please do fill in a contact form or mail me at helen at fleaenterprises dot com.

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