Ten at Ten (75): Autumn’s Here!




This week we’re delighted to welcome Nick from The Baking Beardy who has put together a delicious-sounding Ten at Ten for us. So, over to Nick…

I think autumn is pretty much here!  Yesterday, I had to wear a cardigan to work (definitely disappointing after the weeks of skirts and flip flops) and I’m back to trying to put laundry on the clothesline during the one hot day of the week.

Luckily for me, however, I can still pretend that it’s summer in my kitchen. And as proper autumn and the first days of school are under our belts, here’s a couple recipes which will put you in a beach or picnic frame of mind.

Watermelon Oreos sound like a bit of an experiment gone awry, but they’re surprisingly delicious – the Velvet Moon Baker’s Watermelon Oreo cake makes a cheesecake-like dessert with the crushed Oreos on top – absolutely irresistible.

Late night slumber parties are a summer tradition where I come from – and one of the best parts of the night was always the make-overs. An American Cupcake in London will show you how to adapt some handy household items into a lovely face mask – one of the few times that home baking will actually improve your skin!

French Foodie in Dublin reviews Murphy’s Ice Cream in my old stomping grounds of Dublin (of course it didn’t open until I left!) – Irish dairy is famously rich that it’s only surprising that Irish ice cream hasn’t permeated British summertime yet. But it will!

I can’t read London Bakes without thinking of long, lazy summer evenings. There’s something about her blog which makes me feel like a glass of wine with a friend in my back garden – like having a chat. A chat while eating her gooseberry crumble (and now I’m drooling!)

Oxford-based ClaireBakes has a great way to avoid oven sweat (is that a thing for anyone else? When your oven heats your already far too warm kitchen and you sweat profusely?) – her chocolate banoffee pie – no baking needed. Give me chocolate and caramel and my oven is a distant memory!

When you think spicy summer food, do you think of pickled potatoes? I wouldn’t, but Aoife from the Daily Spud has convinced me otherwise. Mexican food was the summer taste of my childhood and Aoife doesn’t disappoint – even bringing in her trademark spuds!

My favourite picnic food of all time has to be devilled eggs – it doesn’t hurt that Beardy Mum never approved of them, so they had an edge of forbidden food about them! Bethany from Dirty Kitchen Secrets has made a modern version with a slight twist (strained yogurt rather than mayo!)

Kiwi extraordinaire Emma continues the picnic theme with her Kiwi Bacon and Egg Pie. I was a bit sceptical at the idea of eggs in pie, but it’s a very Commonwealth kind of picnic – and will withstand whatever extremes the British weather chooses today!

The lovely Glaswegian Rock Salt puts a bit of colour into the kitchen with her rainbow icing tutorial. Bright colours always remind me of sunshine and with her helps, your cakes certainly won’t disappoint.

And finally, farm living (and cooking) blogger The Hedgecombers puts me in a very summery frame of mind with her reminder that summer begins an incredibly lovely (as well as necessary!) part of British farming.

Many thanks to Nick for a great round up! If you’d like to write a Ten at Ten round up for us then feel free to fill in the contact form or drop me a line.

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  1. Aww, thank you for linking to my Double Dose of Farm Cute! It was lovely to be reminded of the height of summer 🙂

    And since reading this, I am now planning to pickle some potatoes. How strange! 🙂

    Janie x

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