Ten at Ten (80): The ‘Free From’ Edition



This week we are delighted to welcome Vicki from the Free From Fairy as our Ten at Ten guest blogger…

I started in the world of blogging last August and had no idea what I was doing or who else was doing it.

It happened after I had been made redundant and finally had time to write down some of the recipes I had been making for my six year-old daughter who has coeliac disease and an allergy to dairy (and previously eggs).

When I started searching, I found that there were hundreds of helpful people out there, sharing their experiences of cooking for people with limitations to their diets.  One of the first that I stumbled across was the fantastic Pig in the Kitchen.  This is one of my favourite sites because as well as providing amazing recipes and inspiration, it always makes me laugh out loud too!  Her latest post is about Christmas and is hilarious as always.  She also shares her recipe for gluten, egg and dairy free rocky road

The next post that inspired me this week was one written by dairyfreebabyandme.  It outlines what her perfect Christmas hamper would look like (do you think she is trying to tell someone something?!)…showcasing all the wonderful products that are on the market for those who have to avoid certain foods…(anyone need present inspiration for a friend or relative who has to avoid certain foods?)

Next on my wander around my favourite ‘freefrom’ blogs, I found that Not a Trace had presented her top ‘freefrom’ foods as awards in various categories.  For those who are just starting out on a restricted diet this is a great run-down of which products to try first:

I recently discovered The Recipe Resource, a great site with a whole host of lovely sounding recipes for those with multiple food allergies or intolerances.  Kate, the author of the blog, has four children, two of which have Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease, something I had never heard of until reading her site.  It means a very restricted diet and I am in awe of Kate who manages to come up with some fabulous child-friendly recipes along with very useful advice!

Whilst surfing around blogs I was reminded that I hadn’t paid Tea and Mae a visit for a while.  I have no idea why because she presents inspirational recipes free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and polyunsaturated fats.  Her chickpea flatbread and pink hummus this week look amazing and are high on my list of things to make!

Trying to get in the Christmas spirit, I bake without (nuts, eggs, dairy and soya free baking) caught my attention with an old blog post…a rather lovely looking recipe for mincemeat flapjacks with a clementine drizzle.  May have to get that one in the oven soon…all for me because my daughter cannot eat oats either 🙁

Another staple stop over for me is the Intolerant Gourmet.  A wonderful website full of fabulous ‘freefrom’ recipes (and photos), all of which I want to try the minute I read them!  Her breakfast pumpkin bread sounds wonderful and is gluten, dairy and egg free…

Another pretty regular stop that I make for beautiful photography, interesting reviews and gorgeous recipes is Wuthering Bites…and as she is looking for votes for the best food blogger for the Food Mag reader awards 2014, I am sure she would love a visit!

If you are after some inspiration to get your kids in the kitchen then head over to Allergy Adventures.  There are some fantastic recipes here, a few of which have fun videos to go with them…I particularly love the melted Mr Frosty biscuits video…it is a lot of fun!

Last but not least, the newest addition to my list of favourite recipe sites is Straight into Bed Cakefree and Dried!  After going on a cookery course at River Cottage run by the author of this blog I have been inspired by her wonderful approach to cooking.  As a nutritionist and homeopath her blog makes for very interesting reading…and the teff pitta breads are wonderful!

So that is my ten inspiring blogs this week.  I hope you enjoy them and if you have any time left then please do have a peruse of my blog or come and say hello to me on Twitter or Facebook!  Have a great weekend.

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