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Looking for some inspiration for 2014? Then look no further. Foodies100 bloggers have been sharing some delicious recipes from around the world. Read on for some tasty recipes to make your mouth water.

Tina writes…

My name is Tina and I blog at The Spicy Pear. I am food obsessed and can be found rustling up dishes for friends and family, trying new flavours at restaurants, or drooling over websites and magazines seeking inspiration. I enjoy exploring new ingredients from around the world, recreating traditional recipes and inventing new ones.

I am pleased to bring you ten “world food” dishes that are currently inspiring me.

 tasty breakfast ideas

Starting with breakfast, Deena Kakaya has added Carrot Halwa to her morning porridge. The traditional South Asian dessert has been revamped and is less sinful, with Deena replacing sugar with agave syrup. I like that this dish takes only ten minutes to make and is guaranteed to brighten up a cold grey morning.

Lucy Parissi over at Super Golden Bakes has been whipping up several batches of Croissants. The traditional method for making these French pastries can be laborious but Lucy has discovered a quick and easy recipe, which will result in flaky buttery croissants each time.

Moving on to Poland, Ren Behan shares her mother’s recipe for apple pancakes, known as Racuchy. This recipe uses ingredients many of us will already have in our kitchens, including apples, which are currently in season. I agree with Ren, these pancakes would be my choice of comfort food on those days when I would rather hide under a blanket than face the world.

filling mains

I am a big fan of Persian cuisine and couldn’t resist including Marmaduke Scarlet’s Iranian Vegetable Stew with Dried Limes. The dish is made with potatoes, butternut squash and dried limes and is described as a “comfort stew with a hint of sunshine.”

For those of you looking to detox after an over indulgent Christmas, head over to Grace’s blog, Lolo’s Kitchen, where she shares a Chinese Inspired Salmon Dish. The delicate fish is poached in Lapsang Souchong loose tea, which is packed full of antioxidants to cleanse your bodies. Grace serves her salmon with a delicious helping of glass noodles and cucumber chilli dressing.

Janice over at Farmersgirl Kitchen has cooked up a flavoursome Vietnamese chicken curry dish, called Ca Ri Ga. She describes the dish as being similar to Thai Green Curry, with “so much flavour and just the right amount of piquancy.” The fresh flavours take me right back to my holiday in Vietnam last year.

I love Mexican food and was very excited to come across the Anyonita Nibbles blog, where she shares her recipe for Fish Tacos with Grilled Tilapia. For me, tacos are the perfect weeknight meal and can also be a fun dish to serve when entertaining guests. You can prepare much of the dish in advance, with guests assembling the tacos at the dinner table. I also love the look of the pickled salsa Anyonita serves with these Baja-inspired tacos.

I know that January is detox month but I just had to include Reluctant House Dad’s version of Southern Style Deep Fried Chicken Thighs. The crispy golden chicken makes for a delicious once in a while treat.

delicious desserts

Giulia at Mondo Mulia shares her family recipe for Curabiè. The crescent shaped biscuits are made with a sweet shortcrust pastry, and are similar to Vanille Kipferl from Austria, and Kourabiedes from Greece. They are typically served on special occasions, such as Christmas and Easter. Traditionally made with almonds, Giulia’s mother makes her biscuits with finely cut up hazlenuts.

Finally, Cakes Photos Life has baked a tropical Hungarian Pineapple Cake, consisting of a light and airy sponge, with creamy pineapple and sour cherry filling. The cake looks very similar to a Swiss roll and its exotic flavours are guaranteed to brighten up your day.

I hope you have enjoyed this months round up of world food recipes and that they have inspired you to get into the kitchen.



Thanks for a great round-up Tina! You can follow Tina at her blog The Spicy Pear and Twitter at @thespicypears.


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  1. Great round up Tina!
    I love racuchy! My grandma makes the best ones with loads of apples, cinnamon and sprinkled with icing sugar on the top, heaven! x

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