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Fancy channelling your inner Mary Berry? Then this round-up of baking recipes is for you (and not a soggy bottom in sight.) We have ten top picks here from Ashley Grand – she is the blogger behind Coffee, Cakes and Everything In Between.  Ashley started her food blog in 2011 and does not profess to be an amazing cook, but she enjoys spending time in her kitchen with a wooden spoon in my hand, trying to create something magical. Here are her favourite recipes of the moment. On your marks, get set, bake!

Ashley says…

It seems everywhere I look in January, everybody is on a health kick or new ‘amazing’ diet. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, that means less baking going on. Social media is not as filled with Chocolate Devil Cake like it should be. Instead all I see are apples and tales of gym visits.

When all hope was gone of discovering some new ‘bakespiration’, I stumbled across this beautiful Cranberry, Coconut and Cream Cheese Bundt cake through More Than The Occasional Baker. I would never have thought of cream cheese with coconut but it certainly looks and sounds amazing.

I love it when I come across a bake that surprises me when I read the ingredients list. I was looking for a chocolate cake when I came across this Chocolate and Kidney Bean cake at Chocablog. Yes… really! Replacing the flour with kidney beans makes this bad boy gluten free. This is definitely one to give a whirl.

I just adored The English Kitchen’s Baked Carrot Cake doughnuts. The one thing that really puts me off doughnuts is when they are deep fried. These cute little inventions take away the greasy fingers and just leave the taste sensation. I am truly inspired.

On the savoury side of life, Lavender and Lovage posted a recipe for Zuris South African picnic bread. This protein packed loaf looks extremely tasty. Just the thing to wake up to on a lazy Sunday morning.

Next up, we have the beautiful Grapefruit and Olive Oil loaf cake from Nelly’s cupcakes. It’s like summer on a grey January afternoon and I am almost certain this would lift anybody’s January blues. I love how Nelly talks us through what she replaces ingredients with. I shall never again despair at my baking cupboard.

I was delighted to come across these Coconut Raspberry macaroons at Katie Cakes. This is how I always remembered macaroons to be when I was a youngster, not the French brightly coloured Macaroons that are everywhere at the moment.

I am obsessed with all things banana flavoured. It’s my weakness. Peach Trees and Bumblebees have posted a beautiful recipe for Banana Spiced Madeleines. These look absolutely perfect for inviting the in-laws round for a cuppa. Although, I don’t know how I would feel about sharing…

I did come across some healthy bakes too! Perfect for those of us who want to shape up in 2014 but still eat some lovely cake. After all, who doesn’t love cake? Cakey Boi posted a recipe for Healthier Cupcakes And Frosting and these curious concoctions are made with NO butter or sugar. Waistlines rejoice!

One of my favourite blogs is The Baking Explorer. I love catching up on what new things that Kat bakes and I was delighted to find this Cauliflower Crust Pizza amongst her healthy bakes. This looks delicious and it’s completely carb free. Who knew we could have pizza and not feel even slightly guilty about it? Bravo.

I shall end this post with possibly the tastiest looking mini bundts I have ever seen. This cake literally calls to me through my screen. So much so, the ingredients are bought, and I am just waiting for the weekend so I can bake, and then eat. I leave you with Black Russian Mini Bundt cakes with a Chocolate Kahula sauce – I may have just died and gone to heaven.


Thanks to Ashley for this fantastic baking post round up! You can follow Ashley on Twitter and Facebook

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