Ten at Ten: The Vegan Edition


One of the best things about blogging is discovering inspiring new recipes and lovely blogs, to make our own cooking that bit more inventive. With that in mind, we’re really excited to bring you a whole new selection of featured blogs every week throughout 2014, in our Ten at Ten weekly round-up.

It’s a round-up with a twist though, as each post is put together by a different Foodies100 member. It’s your chance to find some new blogs to add to your reading list and get up to date with some of the stand-out posts from the past week or so.

This week’s choices come from Rachel who blogs at Rachel Cotterill, sharing tasty ideas – including a brilliant selection of low calorie vegetarian recipes. You can follow Rachel on TwitterFacebook, or Pinterest too.


It’s three weeks into January, and I’m guessing I’m not the only one to be feeling my resolutions waver under the strain of dark evenings, long days at work, and winter colds. It’s more important than ever to eat healthily in winter when your immune system is struggling to fend off all the bugs going round, but it can also be the hardest time to summon up the energy. I hope a little inspiration will go a long way to encouraging us all to stick with it. Veganuary is a big trend this year, with loads of bloggers going vegan for the month. This is a collection of this week’s vegan recipes from some of my favourite bloggers…

I’m starting with a recipe from Shaheen at Allotment2Kitchen, as it’s one of the very first blogs I started reading. I especially love her pies, and this paprika, mushroom and butter bean pie looks like just the thing for a winter’s night.

Deena Kakaya always combines flavours from around the world in innovative ways. These masala mushroom wontons are a perfect example of her style: slightly spicy, eminently comforting, and just a little bit out of the ordinary.

In what is perhaps the most unusual vegetable spring roll recipe I’ve ever seen, Morgan of Fo Reals Life combines spicy wasabi hummus with tangy fresh grapefruit. I can’t explain why, but there’s just something about that idea that really appeals to me!

On a slightly more conventional note, this vegan chilli from Chickadee Says is packed with multicoloured vegetables and loads of warming spices. Gorgeous!
Spicy and citrusy, Vegan Richa’s orange tofu recipe highlights classic, simple flavours. For a lighter option, these lentil & black bean tacos from Amuse Your Bouche are ridiculously easy to make. You could easily extend the recipe with some extra raw veggies.

This sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry from Kiran Tarun combines some of my favourite ingredients, flavoured with wonderful spices in a creamy coconut milk sauce. Perfect if you have friends coming over on a chilly January evening.

Smitten Kitchen presents this warm lentil and potato salad, with loads of fresh herbs, and a gorgeous mustard and garlic dressing. Puy lentils are the best kind, in my opinion, and this salad really shows them at their finest.

For a comforting pasta dish, look no further than spaghetti with walnut pecan balls, from Plant Powered Kitchen. These balls are packed with veggies and herbs, and look like they’d make for a substantial meal.

And if all this healthy eating is getting a bit much, well, you’ve earned the right to treat yourself to a doughnut (or two). And these vegan baked doughnuts from Bread And Companatico are definitely much better for you than the traditional deep-fried variety.

I hope you’ll find plenty here to keep your resolutions on track. If you’re looking for more healthy inspiration, do check out my page on low calorie vegetarian recipes.


If you’d like to take part and choose your own Ten at Ten for us, email Foodies 100 editor Alison at foodies100@fleaenterprises.com

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