Ten at Ten: The Chocoholics’ Edition




Today’s Ten at Ten comes from Choclette from The Chocolate Log Blog who has chosen some cocoa-themed recipes for us. There’s more chcoclate-themed fun here than at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory…

It’s Valentine’s Day, just in case you hadn’t noticed. For me and many others, this day of love is very much tied up with chocolate. I have spent the last few days gazing longingly with awe and delight at the chocolatey treats you have been making for your loved ones. As usual with these things, it’s been very difficult pinning posts down to only ten; I would love to have included many more. I’ve tried to get a good mix of recipes and with my love of the unusual, I’m hoping you’ll find something to excite and kindle your interest … and maybe your passion.

Well chocolates are a must of course. But how about combining cheese and chocolate? I have done a bit of this myself and can confirm it is a winning, if unexpected, combination. Fromage Homage decided to take the plunge and made some rather tempting chocolate and cheese truffles with stilton and goat’s cheese.

Who doesn’t love a good brownie? Wickedly decadent, these are a treat many of us shy away from. But pop over to Food to Glow and you will find a recipe that you won’t need to feel quite so guilty about – fudgy aduki bean and peanut butter brownies.

If you are looking for a gluten free indulgent chocolate cake, look no further. This chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache over at Apple & Spice is “deep, dark and chocolatey”. it’s also light, rich and sticky – just right for Valentine’s Day.

Normally I find millionaire’s shortbread a bit too sweet, even though I’m a big fan of caramel. However this buccaneer shortbread over at Mainly Baking has sea salt added to both the caramel and the chocolate, which I find counteracts some of the sweetness. Not only that, it also has coconut in the shortbread for additional interest in both taste and texture.

For a real showstopper, how about this tropical desert island cake over at the HungryHinny? I was truly wowed by this cake and really quite upset I didn’t get to try it – if only I’d attended our Cornwall Clandestine Cake Club a few days ago. Using white chocolate rather than dark, the cake is also flavoured with rum and coconut. Even the white chocolate seashells sitting on the sandy beach were homemade.

Chocolate biscuits sandwiched with mascarpone sound just like the sort of thing I’d like to munch on. However when flavoured with lime, plus an extra crunch of cocoa nibs and baked in the shape of hearts, these chocolate and cocoa nib heart cookies with lime cheesecake from How to Cook become something very special for your chosen Valentine(s).

You can’t have too many chocolates, not in my house anyway.  Over at Bangers & Mash I found some scrumptious raw chocolate hearts flavoured with chilli and ginger, a combination that makes me go all weak at the knees – it must be love. Not only do these love bites look pretty, but they are sort of good for you too.

These days, thankfully,  it’s so much easier to find recipes for those on special diets. I used to have to make cakes for a vegan colleague and found it really quite difficult to begin with. Now recipes abound. One such is this dark and delicious sounding vegan chocolate cake from Ren Behan.  Made with prunes and topped with melted chocolate and caramel, I’m not sure anyone would notice the lack of eggs and butter. This is a bitter-sweet post, you will need to read to fully appreciate.

Having just made waffles for the very first time, I now realise what I’ve been missing all these years. These chocolate banana waffles with coconut chocolate sauce from the The Cake Hunter have my name written all over them. Coconut milk is used both in the waffle mix and the chocolate sauce and they look rich and thoroughly decadent. One of these served up for breakfast by my loved one would make me a very happy woman.

Having started with truffles, I will finish with them too – it is Valentine’s Day after all. In true Nigel Slater fashion, these chocolate truffles from Cooking Up a Storm in a Teacup are at their truest and simplest and probably most delicious.


A huge thanks to Choclette for this Ten at Ten. We’re having massive chocolate cravings now. (Truffle, anyone?) You can follow Choclette over on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


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