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This week’s Ten at Ten is one close to the Foodies100 Editor’s heart. Coming from Scotland, it’s brilliant to check out loads of recipes from Scottish food bloggers. From cullen skink to clapshot, there are lots of Scottish dishes to enjoy. We asked Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen to compile her favourite ten posts, so get yourself a wee dram (or a cuppa if it’s too early for you) and enjoy…

janice SAYS…

When I first started blogging about food in 2007, it seemed to me that there were very few other Scottish bloggers.  Now there is a growing band of food lovers – all living cooking, baking and writing in Scotland, sharing the fabulous local produce we have available to us and reinforcing our reputation for brilliant home baking.

I’m starting with one of Scotland’s most northern food blogs. It’s always a pleasure to visit Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary in Shetland, the photographs of the scenery (as well as the food) are always excellent. I was excited to see that Elizabeth has made one of my favourite things, Chocolate Florentines. They look perfect, even down to the wavy lines on the chocolate base.

Cakey Boi also loves sweet treats and, inspired by a cake he tried at the Dundee Clandestine Cake Club, he has some moist and spicy Parsnip and Pecan Cupcakes on offer. He tops them with a coconut and pecan frosting which sounds divine.

If you are looking for great retro recipes, written with tongue firmly in cheek, then I can recommend Keep Calm and Fanny On, a blog devoted to the recipes of Fanny Craddock.  I was intrigued by the latest offering, delightfully named Nicky Gnocchi Noo!  As you will discover, Fanny knew a thing or two about cooking, as the gnocchi turned out light, fluffy and very cheesy.

Many of you will be familiar with Tinned Tomatoes,  which is consistently one of the top food blogs in Foodies100.  Jac is the Scottish food blogger I have known longest and have met most often and she is a master of vegetarian and vegan recipes.  Some of my favourite recipes are the ones featuring her toddler son, Cooper.   Easy Valentine’s Donuts , like many of Jacqueline’s recipes, are simple to make and look very good indeed.

Now, for a bit of a nosy into A Scots Larder. This larder is packed with glorious food, cooked with passion and Graeme has produced a classic dish with a bit of a Scottish makeover. This Venison and Haggis en Croute served with Clapshot could grace the table of the Bard himself!

Food to Glow is the next stop on this tour of Scotland’s food blogs.  Kellie makes healthy food and often surprises me turning unusual combinations of ingredients into inspirational dishes. You are going to fall in love with the Savoury Chelsea Buns – Two Ways. They can be served with mezze, soup, as the starch for dinner or for breakfast with eggs or greens.

Claire at Foodie Quine is a very busy blogger, she’s been out and about recently so I went back to January to find a very Scottish recipe for you to enjoy.  Claire is a tutor for The Silver (Haired) Darlings Fish Cookery Class for the over 65s and she taught the ‘darlings’ how to make the classic fish soup Cullen Skink . Looks brilliant!

Another blog I found recently is Vohn’s Vittles. I just loved the Valentine’s Cheese Rye Crispbreads, a valentine treat full of healthy seeds and grains, they look so tasty.  Of course now that Valentine’s Day has been and gone, you could always cut them into rectangles rather than hearts.

American Pancakes dripping with maple syrup are very difficult to resist. Scottish Mum gives us a simple recipe which creates a more springy pancake than a Scotch Pancake and the perfect vehicle for that maple syrup!

Last but not least is Weegie Kitchen. Weegie is a Scottish slang term for someone from Glasgow (Glaswegian).  I think everyone will be trying to find out which office in Glasgow is being treated to the macaroons that are heading for Office Cake Friday – you even get a choice of flavours: Pistachio, White Chocolate and Honey or Vanilla.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of Scotland and that you will come and visit us again!


Thanks so much Janice, for your mouth watering round up from north of the border! Check out Janice’s blog, or follow her on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest!

Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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