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With the Easter weekend just a week away, we thought it would be the perfect time to start planning some bakes and sweet treats. Ali from Over A Cuppa has searched through loads of Foodies100 blogs to pick out her top posts.

over to ali…

I think Easter gives us the excuse to indulge in something a little bit sweet and heavily in favour of chocolate of course! Not that I usually wait for an excuse, but if you do, then Easter is the perfect time to make something sweet and tempting.

Having a slight obsession with Cadbury’s Creme Eggs (she’s not the only one – Ed.) I had to avoid filling up this Ten at Ten with recipes using them. After all, not everyone shares my passion for them! So I limited myself to two recipes using them… rather like I limit myself to eating two Creme Eggs at a time!

  • My sweet journey starts with breakfast at Taming Twins. The caramel egg stuffed Easter croissants, Sarah starts off by apologising and I will too. Since it contains a chocolate egg but not a Creme Egg, it means I can still choose two Creme Egg recipes later! These look deliciously simple to make, exactly the way I like it! A perfect way to start a chocolate laden day, don’t you think?
  • I may just be able to pass Emily from A Mummy Too‘s crunchy, chewy, fruity chocolate nests as an Easter breakfast. These look a delicious alternative to ones made with Shredded Wheat. Yes Shredded Wheat looks like a nest but I am inclined think, even covered in chocolate, they taste like one too!
  •  Keeping in with the theme of nests (after all it is Easter!) I think this Jo’s Kitchen recipe, easy Easter egg cupcakes is the perfect and easy bake to make for Easter weekend.
  • To briefly move away from chocolate and a nice twist on the traditional Simnel cake is over at Dolly Bakes. Rachel (who is famous for her bundt cakes) has created an Easter Simnel bundt cake which would look gorgeous on the Easter tea time table.
  • A cake containing Pimm’s caught my eye on Pudding Pie Lane. Xinmei’s  Easter bunny frosted lemon, orange and Pimm’s cake has some gorgeous fresh flavours and she tells us step by step how to decorate it as well. It really looks lovely and I’m sure would bring a smile to lots of people’s faces over Easter.
  • For the first of my Creme Egg recipes – and promised to be the yummiest ever – are Daises and Pie’s aptly-named the yummiest Creme Egg cookies. I think children (or the child in you!) will enjoy crushing the Creme egg for this recipe!
  • Over on My Golden Pear you will find something looking like a Creme Egg, but don’t be fooled. This very clever idea is actually White Chocolate Coconut Mousse. Angela has cleverly filled a hollow chocolate egg with this delicious mousse then for the yolk, lemon curd. The results as you can see are very impressive! It’s a perfect Easter dessert.
  • Sugar Coated Life has not been sugar coating Creme Eggs but she has been pimpin’ them. Liana has made them look fantastic, another really simple but brilliant idea that looks great.
  • Little and big kids will love bunny lollichops over at CakeyBoi. What a great idea Stuart has come up with! The crafty of us could make bunny ears out of cardboard to complete the bunny look. I can see a lot of fun and photo opportunities, before these are even eaten.
  • And for my final pick, I confess to have stumbled upon Recipes From A Normal Mum whilst searching Creme Egg recipes. Though two of them grabbed me, including flapjacks and an Eton Mess containing Creme Eggs, I opted for Holly’s Chocolate Orange Easter Spiced Fudge. It contains lots of lovely flavours and the good news, if you do not have a sugar thermometer, is you don’t need one for this fudge! While fudge is not connected commonly with Easte, I think a piece of fudge or two with a cup of tea is nearly as good as two Creme Eggs!

Happy Sweet Easter!

A huge thanks to Ali for her Easter-themed picks, this week. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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