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Today sees the start of regular specialist diet round ups from Rosemary – one half of the food and travel writing duo Rosemary and Pork Belly. According to her, “Pork Belly develops the recipes, takes the photos and does all the cooking while I write and eat – which seems a fair division of labour to me!” Us too!

Rosemary has a life-long allergy to cow’s milk which means day-to-day cooking can be a bit of challenge but with so many bloggers offering inspiring alternatives there’s plenty of help at hand.

Over to Rosemary…

Our annual Easter Egg Hunt is about to begin – and no I don’t mean the making of the traditional straw nests in the garden (for the Easter Bunny to lay his eggs in – yes I know he is a bit of an animal anomaly) nor do I mean the painful process of devising treasure trail clues in appallingly corny rhyming couplets to make the participants groan. No, our Easter Egg Hunt starts weeks before-hand as we seek out the best tasting, best value dairy-free chocolate eggs. Dairy Free Baby did her research early this year – she’s been out scouring the stores for the best – and her roundup is a great help. But even more fun is her recipe for dairy-free and gluten-free Easter nests, which, if you’ve got little ones with an allergy, you will just love.

Whilst on the subject of little ones, Around the World in 80 Bakes had me chuckling with her description of making Japanese green tea mochi – likening it to childhood sessions with Play Doh. Mochi are an acquired taste to those of us more used to sweet cakes of the western world (wouldn’t that be a good name for a cake shop?) but made with glutinous rice flour, they are gluten-free and have no dairy ingredients. Lauren’s came out a delicate shade of green.

Wuthering Bites is going green too – she got excited with the first glimpse of spring sunshine and turned her back on those winter comfort foods to produce a recipe for gluten-free pistachio pesto pasta with prosciutto and chicken sausage. There’s something so lovely about a dish that reflects the fresh green of spring.

Eating paleo is a good way for those with multiple allergies to gain control of their diet. It’s a step too far for me personally but Molly and the Princess makes it look easy and appetising. You can almost taste the richness of this chocolate mousse, made with an alternative sweetener yacon syrup, which meets the paleo criteria.

And if you need another chocolate dessert recipe in your life (and who doesn’t?) you’ll love the simplicity of Bunny Kitchen’s vegan two ingredient chocolate pots. Quick, easy, but oh so sophisticated.

You don’t have to be an allergy suffered yourself to appreciate the difficulties experienced by others. Kate over at Veggie Desserts says she has nothing against gluten herself, but she still whips up an unusual gluten and dairy-free treat, covering beets and sweet potatoes covered with dark, salted chocolate.

Gourmande In The Kitchen is keen on beets too and this month, introduced me to a new fruit, açaí (apparently it is pronounced ah-sigh-ee) which is the berry of an Amazonian palm tree. According to Sylvie, these two go well together to make the basis of a super-food breakfast which is vegan, raw and free from most allergens.

Another great breakfast choice comes from The Happy Coeliac who waxes lyrical about the properties of quinoa before dishing out a recipe for some tasty-looking breakfast muffins.

Lisa over at We Don’t Eat Anything With A Face has turned a little bit nutty recently with a recipe for peanut butter cookies using a spread that avoids the usual palm oil basis.

And finally, the intolerant Gourmet is the place to go if you need inspiration to deal with a multitude of dietary restrictions. Perhaps you have a weird and wonderful family like mine (just don’t ask – the list of what all the cousins can and can’t eat seems endless) and they have announced they are all coming to see you for a long weekend. Pippa’s recipes are full of alternatives and many of them are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg free, vegan and always appetising. I particularly liked this one for spiced carrot and rice. As she says, it’s a combination that may not sound inspiring but with the right blend of herbs and spices, it can pack a real punch.

Happy cooking – and eating – and if you’re a Foodies 100 blogger with a recipe suitable for anyone with an allergy or intolerance, do let me know. You can reach me on Twitter and Facebook or by email rosemaryandporkbelly@yahoo.com


Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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  1. Thank you for including my chocolate mousse in your fabulous round up. I agree Paleo might seem extreme, but I have never felt better! Looking forward to checking out all the other scrumptious-sounding recipes you have selected. Happy Easter!

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