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It’s almost time for our first BlogCamp of 2014, and lots of our bloggers are getting ready to come to Birmingham for a day of workshops, networking, cake-eating,  and lots and lots of chatting.

What’s it going to be like?

Our Birmingham BlogCamp will be sponsored by the rather lovely people at TalkTalk, who will be on hand to chat to you about their latest offerings in home entertainment and more.

We only have one sponsor at our BlogCamp events because we find it makes for a more relaxed atmosphere, and means you get a chance to really chat with the brand we partner with – it’s thanks to the generous support of companies like TalkTalk and an army of volunteers that we’re able to keep BlogCamp completely free for bloggers.

Where do I go?

The Studio is just a few minutes’ walk from Birmingham New St Station. Head out of the station through the Stephenson St/Place exit. The journey to the venue should take around five minutes.

Immediately outside the exit, walk down the ramp and you’ll find yourself on the corner of New St. Turn left here, walk past Jane Norman, and the first street on your right is Cannon St (there’s a Ted Baker on the corner). The Studio is on Cannon St, about halfway up the street on the right.

If you get lost, look at the @tots100 timeline or the #BCUK hashtag – we’ll post a photo map of the journey from the station on the morning of the event!

Help! I don’t know anyone!

We know that blogging events can be nerve-wracking for lots of people. So if you’re at all nervous, we’ve set up a discussion thread over on Facebook where you can arrange to meet up with other bloggers so you can arrive at the venue with a friendly face! Or why not Tweet us using the #BCUK hashtag and see if any of your Twitter friends want to meet during the welcome coffee session? We’ll RT any Tweets we see that use the hashtag, so you’re bound to connect with some friends before the day itself.

And if you do happen to find yourself standing alone at any point in the day, I personally recommend offering any of the team a biscuit, and they will immediately become your BFF. True story.

What time does the day start and finish?

The day will kick off at 10am with a welcome presentation from our sponsors, but you can arrive from 9.30am and grab a coffee before things start. There will be plenty of breaks between sessions, with coffee and snacks, and we’ll be finished by 4.30pm, though you’re welcome to stay a little longer to chat.

The day will then break down into a number of sessions. We’ll be providing more detailed guidance on the day to help you choose which sessions to attend, but here’s a general idea of what to expect:

  • Monetising your Blog: We’ll be introducing a brand new partnership between Tots100 and Foodies100 and an advertising platform at BlogCamp. Throughout the day, you’ll have a chance to find out about the new Tots100 Ads programme, and how you can get started.
  • Food photography and styling: tips from a pro photographer on getting great images of food no matter what camera you’re using.
  • Portrait photography: tips from a pro photographer on getting great portrait shots, including tips on using digital SLRs effectively.
  • Writing workshop: we’ve put together a panel of three professional writers to offer tips on developing your own voice, dealing with writer’s block, and getting your writing published.  Bring your notebooks!
  • Blogger panel: Are you a fan of the Blogger platform? This session will focus on practical tips and discussion on making the most of Google’s free blogging platform, with a panel of experienced Blogger users sharing their experiences.
  • WordPress panel: Using WordPress? We’ve put together a panel of expert WordPress users who will be sharing their favourite short-cuts, widgets, plug-ins and techniques for making the most of WordPress.
  • Getting Started on YouTube: our favourite geeky blogger shares tips on setting up a YouTube channel, and using video effectively on your blog to bring stories to life.
  • How to be a Craft Blogger: We’ve brought together some of the UK’s best craft bloggers to offer tips on how to create brilliant craft posts. There will be tips on making great tutorials, insights into how to build a craft audience for your blog, and much more.
  • How to be a Travel Blogger: Would you like to use your blog as a springboard to travel the world? We’ll be running a Q&A with a full-time travel blogger who’ll be sharing tips on snagging great travel opportunities and how to share compelling travel stories online.
  • How to be a Fashion Blogger: Are clothes and accessories more your bag? This panel discussion will focus on working with fashion and lifestyle brands, with tips from three experienced bloggers in this sector. Topics covered will include – how to build connections with the right brands, standing out in a crowded sector, and what makes for a great fashion review post.
  • Inspiration Central: This session is jam packed with mini presentations from some of the UK’s most exciting bloggers, from the world of parenting and beyond. We’ll be inviting them to share their secret for success – meaning you’ll have stacks of tips to take away at the end of the day.



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