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Today, it’s the turn of Chris from Life Is Delicious to choose her top posts…


I’ve had a lovely wander through the Top 100 Foodies blogs to compile this Ten at Ten. I was on the hunt for mouth-watering meat free dishes because all my family are vegetarian and we will be celebrating next week’s National Vegetarian Week with some old favourites and a few new surprises. Foodies 100’s lovely bloggers didn’t let me down and I found some fabulous blogs which were new to me and which I will be visiting again soon!

  • First up is Ren Behan with a colourful seasonal salad making the most of the short English asparagus season and teaming it up with beetroot, spinach and haloumi for a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. As she enters the final few weeks of her pregnancy, Ren is looking for a superfood boost to see her through. I remember that feeling well!
  • With gigantic hungry teens in the house, currently revising for exams and constantly craving spicy food, Anne’s Kitchen came up trumps with curried roast cauliflower and yoghurt. Served with extras like her aubergine bhajis and spinach and coconut rice along with some chapatis, rice and salad this one is sure to be a hit next week!
  • Revising teens and non revising siblings, along with various extras, are forever rummaging about in my kitchen cupboards, so a batch of pumpkin muffins will fill them up nicely. I was lucky enough to be touring Foodies 100 in the week of International Blog Swap Day and this recipe can be found on the fabulous Over a Cuppa but comes all the way from Flood Proof Mum in Queensland, Australia – a truly International flavour!
  • I was also looking for easy lunch ideas both for myself and the children, and Bunny Kitchen‘s quick and easy avocado mini baguettes caught my eye. This is a blog I will be revisiting often as I walk my gradual path towards veganism. I love a food blog which is also eminently readable, with a tale or two behind the recipes, and Poppy’s ‘Ragbets’ story made me smile.
  • Another blog featuring a guest from the Southern hemisphere as part of blog swap day, is Feisty Tapas. Maria swapped with Madison from Sweet Natured Kitchen who shared her recipe for a drool inducing chocolate sandwich. This one is for a post exam treat when we hit the weekend I think!
  • Dominic at Belleau Kitchen always weaves an interesting tale around his recipes and is just as lovely in real life as he is on his blog. His recipe for year old celery and oregano soup is right up my street. I totally identify with the forgotten vegetables in the garden and the glut of stuff you don’t quite know what to do with! I was delighted to read that the taste of celery improves with age and I shall use this excuse next time I’m pulled up for lazy gardening!
  • I’m hoping it will be sunny at the weekend and we can kick back and relax in the garden and share some easy finger food. Tortilla wraps stuffed with refried beans, stir fried veg and cheese is one of the meals they will all eat very happily. Add to that a dollop of Eat Your Veg‘s holy moly guacamole and they will be in heaven!
  • I was also hoping to find a new ingredient to play with next week so Ms Marmite Lover‘s introduction to purple yam was perfectly timed. I’m always excited by something I haven’t come across before and will definitely be hunting Ube down next time I’m in Bristol or London!
  • Keeper of the Kitchen is cooking her way back to health and is trying to eat cleansing and healing foods – this could sound very worthy but her delicious recipe for ginger, garlic, lemongrass and Pecorino stuffed mushrooms is anything but! I saw some enormous Portobello mushrooms in our veg shop last week and I’m hoping they have a new batch in ready for me!
  • Last, but absolutely not least, are Anyonita Nibbleslemon and chickpea dukkah burgers on best ever gluten-free buns. I have cooked more veggie burgers in my time than I care to remember but this one has my tummy rumbling in anticipation. Combining quinoa with chickpeas and spicing it up with lemon and Egyptian dukkah to form a moist patty, Anyonita promises they can be whipped up in under 15 minutes – essential when I’m being circled by the hungry hoards.

Thanks so much to Chris for this mouth-watering veggie round-up. You can follow Chris on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


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