Ten at Ten: Summer Soups


10 summer soups you'll want to make now!

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This week, Bintu from Recipes From A Pantry has selected her favourite summer soup recipes. Bintu describes herself as a mama, music lover, education officer, a wannabe origami’ist and nursery rhyme singer, by day. By every other minute a chef, pantry reorganiser, recipe developer and food dreamer.

OVER TO bintu…

My summer vegetables are slowly making an appearance which gives me license to spend hours immersed in cookbooks and drooling over food blogs to bookmark all the new or reincarnated soups that I just HAVE to eat this summer! Here are my favourites:

  • This fish soup Rio style by the Glamorous Glutton brings the flavour of Brazil right into your very own kitchen. And it is really simple too, with seafood and fresh summer vegetables simmered in coconut milk. World Cup themed party, anyone?
  • Fab Food 4 All has got warm summer days covered with this chilled picante summer soup. It is summery, tangy and creamy and just perfect with those extra crispy chorizo bites on top.
  • Deena Kakaya’s blog is usually my first stop when I am looking for deliciously simple recipes with a creative twist. Her flavour combinations are really great – just look at this tomato, chilli, lemongrass, basil rice noodle soup. I challenge you not to want to bury your face in this soup!
  • I got rather over excited to see a tomato and marmalade soup from Cook Sister. It is such a unique combination to me that I can’t wait to try it. Plus the accompanying story of her South African great Aunt Dulcie, whose recipe it is, took my right back to what it was like visiting and eating with my own gran.
  • The Spicy Pear adds a touch of summer to this sweet roasted butternut squash soup with yoghurt, thyme and balsamic vinegar. This is a great soup for cool summer and eventually cooler autumn nights.
  • I love both the recipe and the name of Lavender and Lovage’s green goddess soup. The idea of using as many different summer greens and herbs in this soup is ingenious and makes it adaptable to your palate. Spicy rocket, peppery watercress, tangy sorrel, cool iceberg, you name it, it can be throw it in.
  • We all need a no-cook soup recipe in our lives and I, for one, will be happily not cooking Fuss Free Flavoursfat free lettuce and pea soup in my blender over the summer. Especially good for using up left over peas.
  • Marmaduke Scarlet has a lovely simple, quick summer pea soup that is delicious served both hot or cold. Better still, this can also be made in the winter with frozen peas. I bet this soup would look great served in shot glasses at any garden party.
  • I really like this British take on Gazpacho from How To Cook Good Food. Her chilled cucumber and gherkin soup with a Greek salad relish sounds delicate yet cooling and refreshing.
  • And last but not the least is this classic summer courgette soup with a twist from Tinned Tomatoes. And it’s made more flavoursome with melted brie, cannellini beans and cumin. Can I get a yum? No more reasons to complain about a glut of courgettes…

I really hope that my Ten at Ten has given you a little taste of the great soups you could be trying over the summer. Enjoy.


Thanks to Bintu. You can follow her on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.



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