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The Foodies100 index is proud to produce monthly listings of the UK’s top food blogs based on a rounded number of metrics.

To reach the top of the Foodies100, a blogger must build a large audience, but also an engaged audience that comments, shares and links to the blog’s content.

One of our core principles is that we only score blogs using data that is accessible to the blogger themselves – and this means we rely on third party websites and APIs to gather the data that helps us generate the Foodies100 rankings each month.

We are constantly evaluating the metrics and data sources we use, and sometimes a source becomes unavailable, or unreliable. Over the past six months, we have found an increasing number of errors reported when we collect scores from Kred, and we have therefore made the decision to replace this metric. From July 2014, therefore, Kred will no longer be a part of the Foodies100 metric.

We will be replacing the Kred metric with a new metric, based on a blogger’s Instagram presence.

Why is this?

Simply put – the Internet is getting more visual. We know that many bloggers use Instagram to share their content and everyday lives, and it’s an integral part of their online community.

It also helps that we LOVE Instagram, we love Instagram pictures and we love it as a place for inspiration. Also it’s the BEST place for cat and dog pictures. Don’t believe us? Check out @pippad and @mummybarrow.

Do follow us if you’re on Instagram, and we’ll add you to our following list!

We hope that with the new metric in place, the charts will need much less manual intervention, which means less of the annoying ‘up and down’ jiggling that’s happened in the last couple of months. Thanks to everyone for your tireless patience and good humour while the web monkeys have been tinkering behind the scenes these past few weeks.


We’ve done some experimenting and we’ll be adding a simple metric that measures your Instagram followers. We have experimented adding likes and comments, but it doesn’t significantly alter the result (accounts with more followers generally see more likes and comments) so the metric will simply count followers.

This metric will only be one of eight metrics used to calculate your Foodies100 score, so if you are NOT on Instagram, or it isn’t a great fit for your blog, it shouldn’t make a huge difference to your overall ranking. But fear not – we’ll be sharing some tutorials next week on getting the very best from Instagram, and sharing some tips from bloggers who have NAILED Instagram. We’ll also have new videos explaining the metrics and will update all the metrics explanations across our websites.


To ensure your blog continues to be scored correctly, please do log into your Foodies100 account and ensure that your profile includes your Instagram URL (while you’re there, your Twitter account is different – the first part of the URL is provided so just add your user name with no @ symbol).

  • Once you’ve added in your details, why not take a moment to ensure your profile is still up to date:
  • Have you added your blog to our Blog Love widget?
  • Is your Twitter ID correct and up to date?
  • Have you filled in your profile fully? Brands find it really useful if you mention the town/county where you live, and any specific interests or awards etc.

If you have any problems updating your account then please do email us at and someone will take a look.

Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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