June Blogger Of The Month: Taming Twins

June’s Foodies100 blogger of the month is Taming Twins. Sarah started the blog in November 2013 – incredible when you see how beautiful the blog looks, the standard of food photography and how engaging her posts are. You’d think she’d been at it for years. Her reason for taking up blogging was to help other mums of twins. “Lots of friends and friends of friends having twins asked for my advice,” she explains. “I thought it might help to show people that you can have multiple babies and still have a life. I also needed to justify to my husband the fact that I seem to photograph everything we eat!”
Taming Twins was supposed to be more of a lifestyle blog, says Sarah. “I meant to write about life with twins and tips and all that jazz. I’ve ended up talking a LOT about food. It’s something I’m passionate about and it’s what keeps me sane. People seem to love photos of cakes dribbled with caramel too…who knew?”
Take a look at Sarah’s blog and you’ll see why it’s June’s blog of the month, but how does Sarah feel? “It’s very exciting to be chosen!” she says. “I’ve got heaps to learn and a million foodie ideas in my head waiting to make their way onto the blog and Foodies100 is a great place for advice and support.”
Here, we chat to Sarah about her blog…

What have your learned since starting your blog?
I’ve learned to not be too hard on myself. I want to make the blog brilliant and post more often than I do, but in my life right now, I just can’t. I think you have to find a balance and right now, mine is quality (hopefully) over quantity.

What has surprised you about blogging?
How utterly friendly and lovely other food bloggers are. I’ve met lots of people now in real life and everyone has been so welcoming, friendly and helpful. It feels ace to be part of this community.

What do you particularly love about writing Taming Twins? 
The best thing is doing something creative, just for the fun of it. It spurs me on to try new things, think of ideas and improve. The worst is the fact that I now eat more cake than ever before! Oh hang on, maybe that’s not a bad thing. Okay… Mainly just trying to balance life with blogging. A recipe post, including testing, writing, photographing and editing can take me six or seven hours. It’s frustrating when there are not enough hours in the day for me to do all that, be a mum and spend 15 or 16 hours that I want to on Pinterest…

And which are your personal favourites?

This cake, because, well, what’s not to like? Chocolate, snickers, caramel, peanut butter? That’s the stuff dreams (and future diets) are made of. And this post is not a foodie one, but a heartfelt letter to myself struck a chord with lots of people earlier this year (and I still need to re-read it sometimes now…)


What advice would you give someone starting a food blog now?
Natural light, natural light, natural light. Your writing and your recipes need to be something special, but spending a bit of time learning to improve your photographs (like using natural light..) makes a huge difference to the overall look of your blog. With sites like Food Gawker and Pinterest, people will often see your photos before they even consider reading the recipe, they need to be enough to draw people in to want to share what you have to say.
Has blogging brought you any amazing opportunities?
I spent the night with Tom Aikens recently (not like THAT sadly) at a Pinterest UK event. I also went to a food blog conference a few weeks ago. It was amazing and I was lucky enough to hear the amazing Marte Marie Forsberg speak – she was totally inspiring.

What has been your most popular post?

A post about Creme Egg cupcakes went a bit viral at Easter. I loved it so much when people were sending me photos of their Creme Egg cupcakes. Imagine my tips making a difference all over the world, now there’s some good cake karma.
Creme Egg cupcakes

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