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Specialist Diet Bakes

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Gillian from Pat A Cake is taking the reigns today – she is wife, mother and new grandmother who lives on the Northamptonshire border and her lifelong passion for baking has led her to create her own blog.

over to gillian…

Since childhood I have always loved the sights and smells of freshly made bread and cake. Sadly, however, I am now also old enough to remember the days when nothing was known about ‘food intolerances’. So, in this modern age, with lots of us now with special dietary requirements, isn’t it great to know that it’s still possible to indulge in the need to bake for everyone by using recipes that are suitable for those that are ‘gluten intolerant’, or have ‘a dairy allergy’, want a ‘low-fat’ diet, need ‘eggless’ cakes or perhaps, like me, would just prefer fewer calories and a healthier lifestyle.

Fortunately, our Foodies100 blogs offer a wealth of recipes, which are suitable for all occasions, and cater for all these needs and I have really enjoyed finding my Ten at Ten.

  • First up, writer Charlotte Pike’s savoury cheddar and spinach muffins on her Charlotte’s Kitchen Diary blog shows just how simple it is to sneak in healthy vegetables whilst baking for the family.
  • Or, if you are craving a sweet fix but would prefer something low fat and without sugar, then look no further than Alida’s My Little Italian Kitchen. Her healthy and flavoursome easy fat and sugar free pureed apple cake is a recipe I am definitely going to try out next weekend!
  • Now, for the last two years or so, after visiting our local oilseed rape farmer on an Open Farm Sunday, I have often swapped rapeseed oil (it is rich in omega 3, vitamin E, has low saturated fat content and is high in monounsaturated fats) for butter and I’m looking forward to using this amber liquid in ‘Supper in the suburbs’ recipe for skinny carrot cake – it looks so delicious.
  • Next on the agenda just has to be Holly Bell’s blog – Recipes From A Normal Mum – which remains a firm favourite. As I waited for my daughter to give birth to my first grandson in June, I was aware that Holly was also awaiting the arrival of her third son and I delved into her blog regularly to see how she was faring. These gluten free brownies are obviously perfect for those with sensitivity.
  • Another lady that I have followed since her Great British Bake Off days is Ruth Clemens and her blog The Pink Whisk. I rather fancy her egg-free savoury blue Monday and walnut biscuits.
  • Like me, do you find there are times when a list of ingredients just screams ‘healthiness’? Such is the case with Laura’s blog How To Cook Good Food and her oat, date and pecan breakfast loaf. I’m sure this would make a lovely change from the usual toast at breakfast.
  • Now, here’s a clever recipe that caught my eye: lemon and almond magic cake from Apple and Spice. In Katie’s own words “It intrigued me as the magic part comes from the cake mix separating out into three distinct layers during baking. A top sponge layer, a custard middle layer and a firmer base layer. It looked incredible and I couldn’t wait to try it for myself.” Me too!
  • The following blog is all about helping to feed someone with complex allergies. If you are struggling to find healthy and palatable substitute foods The Recipe Resource is full of recipes and useful tips. This pizza base, for example, is free from wheat, dairy, egg, soy and corn.
  • Back now to breakfast with honey nut oat clusters from A Kick At The Pantry Door – a delicious alternative to the usual cereal and just perfect accompanied by a good dollop of yogurt and a swirl of additional honey.
  • Lastly, a recipe which is similar to my own lemon parsnip and hazelnut cake but, instead of a large cake, this blog from north of the border, Cakeyboi showcases his parsnip and pecan cupcakes.

And so yes, it is true, you can still have your cake……and eat it too!

Thanks Gillian for this wonderful round up. You can follow Gillian on Twitter.

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