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Each Friday at 10am we invite a Foodies100 member to share their favourite ten posts with us. If you’d like to share some of your favourite recipes then get in touch with our editor Alison at foodies100@fleaenterprises.com. You’ll get a link back to your own site and other social platforms, as well as the opportunity to introduce yourself to a bunch of new readers.

Today, it’s the turn of Jo from Comfort Bites. Jo follows a paleo lifestyle and has picked out ten paleo-friendly recipes to try, whether you’re at the beginning of a health kick or looking for more inspiration to help you on your health journey.

Over to Jo…

We’ve all heard of the paleo diet – the lifestyle that promotes natural ingredients, along with lots of sleep, fresh air and exercise. I’ve been following a version of it for just over a year and seen a huge improvement in my health and energy levels, which is great. So when I see blog posts and recipes that feature paleo-friendly foods I always feel inspired. Here are ten of my favourite caveman-worthy treats posted by Foodies100 bloggers over the past few months…


  • Plums and chicken thighs? What a genius combination, paired up in this all in one – slow roast chicken thighs with plums, carrots, potatoes, garlic and celery by Dom at Belleau Kitchen. Dom uses potatoes but you could always use sweet potatoes if you wanted something slightly less carb-rich. I love dinners that you can make by throwing lots of lovely things into one dish and roasting it altogether – no fuss – just gorgeous, cosy flavours, hot straight out of the oven.
  • With paleo, it’s not all just steaks and tearing chicken legs apart with your teeth, you know. I love this nectarine and kiwi smoothie by We Don’t Eat Anything With a Face. A fruity start to the day and a big vitamin C boost now cold and flu season’s upon us.
  • I always have a can or two of coconut milk in the cupboard, and now I’ve been inspired to try something new – this coconut marinaded chicken by Searching for Spice. I’d make it plain, without the chilli glaze, and eat it alongside a big leafy salad. I absolutely love lemongrass and lime together – it won’t be long before I’ll be making this one.
  • A whole roast chicken is a wonderful thing to make and will sort you out for leftovers for a few days afterwards, if you’re lucky. I spied this perfect roast chicken recipe posted by Recipes From a Pantry, flavoured with garlic, lemon and herbs. Sounds delicious.
  • I’ve only just discovered how wonderful sardines are, with their healthy omega-3 oils. And while I most often eat them in a salad,with a little lemon juice squeezed over, these marinated sardines from My Little Italian Kitchen look amazing. Herbs, olive oil, garlic and chillies, too. Noms.
  • I actually drooled a little bit at this post by Hot and Chilli all about the South African Braii. Lamb kebabs with apricots and an oxtail and red wine stew cooked over the open coals. It all looks gorgeous. Just hand me a lamb chop, already.
  • It wouldn’t be a proper round up without pudding, and here it is. These good for you chocolate macaroons by Keeper of the Kitchen will satisfy your sweet tooth without any refined sugars. They include cacao, thought to contain lots of lovely antioxidants. I’ll take two.
  • It’s always handy to have a nice, richly-flavoured sauce to ladle over a grilled chicken breast or pork chop – and this roasted garlic, tomato and chilli sauce by Reluctant Housedad’s Recipe Shed looks perfect.
  • Bacon and avocado go together so perfectly. And then Annie’s Noms adds in some coriander and roasted garlic. I honestly can’t wait to tuck into a bowl of this bacon and roasted garlic guacamole with a pile of griddled sweet potato slices on the side. It would also be luscious dolloped on top of a home-made beefburger, too.
  • The weather’s starting to turn cooler, as well as a bit wet and windy. And when this happens, I always start to crave soup. This beetroot, cumin and coconut soup with fried onions from the Botanical Baker caught my eye. A perfect seasonal treat to enjoy curled up on the sofa with an old film while the rain’s lashing down at the the windows outside. Lovely.


Thanks so much to Jo for these pretty perfect paleo picks! Follow Jo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or at Comfort Bites Blog.


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